-All knowledge comes from the stars (the universal mind). Men do not invent or create ideas; the ideas exist and men are able to grasp them.-- Paracelsus (1493-1541)

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Even the most amazing ideas – those which come to us as random glimpses of insight, suddenly illuminating our spirit in a flash, as if we were remembering some deep truth once forgotten – even those ideas gradually lose their brilliance with every thought that follows after their entrance into the domain of mind. As a wondrous glimpse of truth, as a brilliantly real idea is bombarded by thoughts and preconceived notions which are present in the mind, and as it connects with these thoughts, a new perception (opinion) of the idea arises in the mind, and eventually the initial idea, that glimpse of undeniable truth is forgotten altogether, gone back to the vast ocean of ideas, to the realm of pure truth from which it initially arose. True ideas exist in their pure state and we all interpret them uniquely based on our own level of understanding and perception. This means that ideas can only be true, only truths can be described as ideas, as facts. Opinions are not true ideas then, since they don’t exist in truth. They are only products of different individuals’ perceptions of truth, and they are subject to error. Ideas are what make up everything in existence, every part of reality is an idea before it becomes materialized. Without the idea form the manifested form could never have come into existence, just as no physical human body comes into existence without a spirit. Even after we have grasped an idea from the perspective of a high state of understanding, we will begin to mix the idea with other thoughts as soon as we have it, or new life experiences might change the level of understanding we previously had about the idea in question. The perception of the idea has now been affected by thoughts.

I find great truth in the following statement by Paracelsus, who believed that “all knowledge comes from the stars (the Universal Mind). Men do not invent or create ideas; the ideas exist and men are able to grasp them.” I take this to mean that ideas are not opinions at all, but are actually facts. Real ideas are truths regarding God and the laws which dictate the entire universe. These ideas reside in the realm of pure wisdom, the realm of Spirit, which is above the carnal mind. Truth exists, and we perceive it through various different lenses which are subject to error due to the dual nature of our current existence. Because we perceive truth in so many different ways, we have created religions and philosophical systems. What we forget too often is that the truth being perceived is always the same, no matter how we perceive it. Once divine ideas are written down, they are studied and interpreted by people. When enough people understand a truth in a certain way they come to believe that they have the only correct understanding of it, since they are the majority. They then claim the truth as their own, and they denounce anyone else’s interpretation of truth as corruption, as lies. They fail to understand that the Holy texts of any religion, as well as any philosophical or scientific treatise, are only written records of ideas which arose from sincere attempts to experience reality in its very essence. In other words, what we see as completely different and separate schools of thought, what we see as opposite religions, all arise from one common factor, which is an attempt to experience and document the divinity of life. All who wrote from this perspective obviously accepted the divinity of life as a fact, as well as the reality of the Universal Spirit. Paracelsus referred to this Spirit as “The Universal Mind”, comparable to the Spirit which I often speak of, which is the emanation and reflection of God’s being dwelling inside of us. Ideas are therefore truths, whether we grasp them or not, and we all grasp each universal truth according to our own level of consciousness, depending on how in tune we are with the realm of pure wisdom, and with our spiritual nature. The deeper we delve into science or philosophy or religion,

The nature of the Divine Spirit within us is pure and righteous in every sense of the word. In Hinduism, it is our true Self, the Atman in each of us which reflects the complete all-pervading Brahman; and in Kabbalistic terms, it is the Divine Light in us which emanates from the Ein Sof, through the sefiroth of the Tree of Life. An incredible amount of cultures and belief systems have different terms for these very similar concepts, which is further truth of the relevance of Paracelsus’ statement, that all ideas exist as universal truths, and that it is up to us to grasp them. Sometimes, through silencing the mundane thoughts of the mind, and through deep contemplation of the mysteries of life, we are able to grasp some of these Divine truths. The problem is that we are often so excited by having realized something important, that our ego starts glorifying itself as if it had thought of the idea itself, shifting the focus from the Divine Self of the Spirit to the fake self of the mind. Other times, the opposite takes places, and feelings of insecurity and doubt lead us to criticize and suppress the Divine ideas we have realized. These feelings are also products of mental patterns adopted by us.

Many ideas are often destroyed by the mind before they can be manifested into physical reality as either righteous speech or action. For example, we might find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation which requires us to act against what we know to be correct. We see others around us engaging in destructive behaviors, and the Divine Spirit within us points out to us the great truth that such behavior is wrong. Feeling such conviction, we will not partake, and we might even feel inspired to motivate our peers to change their behavior patterns. This is a Divine idea which we have had the ability to understand. What happens way too often however, is that we begin to think such thoughts as “Who am I to instruct others on how to live their lives?”, or “No one would pay attention to me, and they might even discriminate against me, if I were to share this great truth with them, which would surely interfere with their immediate ignorance and pleasure.” We remain silent as to not disturb the masses with the truth, deciding to place minimal importance on the difference such an idea might have made in another’s life in the long run. We can see from this example, that this process of pollution and eventual destruction of a Divine idea is brought about by the various overpowering doubts, insecurities, confusions and preconceived notions that are so cherished and nurtured inside the finite human mind.

If we want to practice getting in tune with our Spirit in order to have deeper insights into the nature of things, e must resist becoming confused by the memories that haunt us, or by the aspirations we have of imaginary scenarios, or by fantasies of material gain or powers not yet attained. Realize that no other moment will ever come. Life is no more the present moment, as every second that passes brings about a completely new reality from the one we are experiencing now. If we are constantly overanalyzing the past, we are filling ourselves with regret, and if we are constantly thinking of the future, we are filling ourselves with shame for not being the person we wish to be now. Either way what we are doing above all is reinforcing the belief that the present is not good enough. When this happens continually, we become immersed in our thoughts, and we reach a point where we can never be totally in the present. If we cannot be in the present moment, we can never fully grasp the Divine ideas, or truths, of life. This is because the Spirit realm of wisdom, from which these truths come, is not ruled by time. Time is an imaginary product of our mind, and if we are constantly in another period of time in our head, we are definitely not getting in tune with the realm of Spirit. We must realize that now is the only time we have to act upon our intuition, and to transform ourselves into our highest version. When we receive a revelation from the Spirit, we must appreciate it to the fullest extent, and put it into practice before it becomes mentally corrupted.



VIKTOR FRANKL (1905-1997)

If even a person such as Viktor Frankl, who endured and overcame such tragedy and horror in his life, can see the opportunity for growth that is dormant within pain and adversity, then none of us really have any excuse to allow life’s circumstances to get the best of us and bring us down. What I can understand to be the meaning of Frankl’s wonderful and simple quote is that, between stimulus and response (between any given situation we face and our reaction to it) there is what Frankl calls a ‘space’. In this space it is as if time stopped and we are hit with pure timeless realization. We are no longer compelled to react based on raw animal instinct or learned habitual behavior patterns. Emotion is no longer our master; we are now free to examine a situation with the light of pure consciousness, with the wisdom of the spirit.

This serene space allows us to analyze any situation objectively from within the deepest and wisest part of our spirit, putting aside even the strongest of emotions and the subtlest sense of entitlement in order to perceive something as it truly is, and to be able to react appropriately. We can all learn to carefully control our reactions to external events, and our overall life satisfaction throughout all of life’s different stages will depend a great deal upon this sole factor: whether we are able to react calmly and honestly to the obstacles of life, or whether we will be overcome and consumed alive by emotion, being dragged around from here to there as slaves of our uncontrolled passions.

We have all been guilty of trying to use our circumstances as excuses for why we have not gotten ahead in life and why we never will. We attempt to justify and normalize why we should and always will conform with living mediocre lives far from the true and meaningful works of art we know we were meant to mold our lives into. So many of us want to improve ourselves and the world in turn, but a profound inability to take control of our own thoughts and actions unfortunately mean that we probably will never give life to the creative projects floating around in our unique brains. The pressures of society make us feel that it we fail we will not only be forever labeled and rejected as failures, but that we will never be able to reintegrate into a mediocre life if we ever choose to return to it, having failed in the pursuit of the extraordinary life we always dreamed of. Mediocrity becomes  so comfortable because it allows us to go on reacting to things as we please, as we always have, without analyzing and correcting our own behavior, without taking responsibility for improving our lives.

Fear destroys ideas before they are even born outside of the thought world. Too many people see adversity as something to be avoided at all costs, and they fear situations which will remind them of their weakness. They want to stay in mediocre situations that will not demand change of them. We all want to be heroes, but we often fail to see that usually the very same people who have been through and have eventually overcome nightmarish situations are the very same people who have also become some of the most successful and admirable people we know of, people who have made history.

Viktor Frankl is someone I personally admire very much. Frankl lost pretty much his whole family who were executed in concentration camps by the Nazis. Viktor explains in his masterpiece ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ how he would often notice that whether or not a prisoner had hope of surviving the war or not greatly influenced how long they were able to endure cruel treatment and even live through disease.

We all need motivation in order to survive. We all have goals we want to achieve, projects we want to undertake. After some time living life it becomes clear that we will never be able to achieve these goals if we cannot stand adversity, if we break down in the face of the most insignificant inconvenience. In order to succeed we need to have a purpose. Once we have a purpose of which we are certain then it becomes much easier to avoid the distractions and to get right down to business. Acknowledging our obstacles, we accept what is. Only then can we plan out how we will overcome the obstacles. This gives us purpose, meaning. 

None of us are perfect, and all of us know it. Yet, so many of us want to pretend that we are, even knowing that everyone else also knows we’re not. We want to keep up appearances so we never let anyone know about our creative projects, about the innovative experiences we are looking to have and create in this world. We have all become so consumed by the wanting to belong to the crowd that we ignore original ideas too often simply because they fall outside the box of social norms. 

Many of us know there are problems in our lives. Sometimes these problems might be dangerous and life-threatening, and imposed upon us by external forces such as in the case of Viktor Frankl and all people who were persecuted, imprisoned and murdered by Nazi Germany. Other times our problems are not so life-threatening, and because of this reason we choose to ignore them completely since it is often much more comfortable to simply forget about it. 

We know that if we were to fix this specific problem our life would be better in this specific way. Yet we are comfortable with our dysfunction now that it has become a mental habit. We accept that we are mediocre and that life sucks and there is not much magic to it, so we sit around and do nothing productive day in and day out, slowly adopting a cynical attitude towards life and the world, complaining that everything is a problem and nothing goes our way.

Well, guess what? Your problems are the way you can get things to go your way if you simply choose to stop ignoring them. How do we learn math or science or any other subject in school? We are presented with problems which we must solve day after day until we become accustomed to solving such problems. We come to know that if we want to find the answer, a problem must first be solved. In life however, we refuse to see problems as growth opportunities, as obstacles we must rise above in order to strengthen our character – we fail to see that problem-solving gives life its meaning.

What we all must to is to realize that we have within ourselves immense power, such as the power to survive a holocaust, to keep on living with purpose even after facing the death of all those we love, to forgive the killer of our child, like the video I saw the other day where a grieving mother hugs and forgives her child’s murderer in court. I personally don’t know if I would be able to do either of these things I have mentioned. The problem is not that human beings cannot do these things, they clearly can. The problem is that too many of us believe we can’t, and so we never try to become such people.

You see, these people like Viktor Frankl, or like the mother who forgave her son’s killer, have made an inner decision. Their determination did shine through the face of adversity and hatred because they were born different from us ordinary people, or because they have a purer spirit than ours. We are all children of God, whose infinite power dwells within us all as One pure and Universal Spirit. Our Spirit cannot become more pure or impure. All that can change is the amount of negative and positive habits in our brains, which are the physical instruments which allow us to perceive reality, both physical and spiritual. 

This invincible Spirit is cabale of rising above emotion, above thought, above comprehensible human logic, and it can make miracles happen. When we become painfully aware of this to the point that we cannot help but live in the godly manner the Spirit requires of us, then we will be able to live not only with purpose, but with The Purpose. The highest and only Purpose, after all, is the Divine Will. Man makes his decisions freely, but all is directed to balance out in the end, all flows and transforms and God’s will is always done. Obstacles are God’s will and mercy. They are the consequences of our own evil actions, not as individuals but as humanity for we are all surely One Spirit, and God has embedded into these obstacles the opportunity for us to learn and thrive from them, to derive purpose in correcting these mistakes and finding unity behind duality, finding peace beyond the never-ending conflict on earth which we are all susceptible to. 

Analyze your actions, evaluate your values. Correct your ways and see if your friends follow. If they don’t follow your path, then at least make sure they don’t try to lead you astray from it. Our culture has become one of mindless, unproductive desires being acted out in every selfish way imaginable with no regard for anyone else or for the environment which is being affected. We need to realize the importance of living with purpose again, of doing things with meaning. We need to take a moment to reflect on our thoughts and our emotions and to make sure we do not react by escaping from those we find unpleasant, but by facing them, by identifying the problem and by creating a solution. While creating said solution, we must stay present in the moment, and we must not make the process of creating a solution a burden. We must come to love the struggle, the urge to keep on improving; we must finally realize that life’s obstacles are its biggest blessings. Once we realize this it will mean we have finally come to value purpose and meaning in the way we always should have.




Everything in existence emanates from God, and his Power is present in all things. Manly P. Hall was a Canadian author and mystic who greatly influenced my early interest in spiritual matters, and who was very aware of the fact earlier stated. He ceaselessly researched pretty much everything that falls within the bounds of spirituality and mysticism. What he found is that all spirituality and religion shares a common thread, that everything divine must come from the divine, it cannot be otherwise. In other words, all people who try to find God are able to find God, regardless of religion or creed.

All throughout the ages people have attempted to get to the source of our deep longing for God, for something much bigger than ourselves. From the earliest mystery schools to the rituals of the ancient native American tribes, to Abrahamic religions and Eastern philosophy, everyone has a theory on God, and a belief in God, or sometimes various beliefs even within one culture. Not many of us realize that Christianity itself is divided into thousands of denominations, each with their own interpretation of the Bible. Many of their interpretations are completely baseless as well since every day fewer and fewer Christians even know what is in the Bible. How can they claim the ultimate truth of something they themselves don’t even study in depth, if at all? We must all become familiar with the beliefs of our families and our communities, and then we most definitely must become familiar with the beliefs and customs of cultures other than our own. Why must we do this? Well, we must do this in order to break the fictional walls of illusion which we have placed between ourselves and others.

Because of religious affiliation, because of superficial association with a simple and worthless label we come to see ourselves as separate from others, divided by culture, by status and class, by religion and belief, by race and attitude towards life and the world. Do we not see that when we do this we are essentially going against the godly nature which is within us and which is a direct reflection of the Divine Spirit, God, or however you may wish to call the supreme deity of the universe who brought everything to be? After all God is just another label or word. Someone who believes in ‘God’ might get offended if someone describes ‘God’ as ‘an Eternal Energy’ within us all. They might call this self-glorification or pantheism, but do Christians not also believe that the Spirit of Christ dwells within us? Does the Bible not also state that we were created in God’s image? Could it be physical or rather spiritual image, or both?

I’m glad that we are slowly but surely waking up, or at least many people in the world are every day, to the fact that none of us are superior or inferior to others, and that all those who seek God shall indeed find God, that indisputable, ineffable power which cannot be done justice if expressed in words or mere human ideas. God is all goodness, all dignity, all integrity, all mutual respect there can ever be. Anyone who denounces God yet imagines God as something different from this is not denouncing God but themselves.  God is the union between people and nations, not the division of countries, not the struggle over land and power at the expense of life. We are no one to take life from anyone. Life arises from God’s direct power. Miraculously, life cannot help but happen. It is divinely and infinitely inspired to grow, to expand, just as the universe is in a constant state of expansion, and just as all living things are in a constant state of vibration and transformation.

You need not look farther than your breath or your heartbeat. Why do you think we love music so much and are captivated and compelled to move by a mesmerizing drum sequence? The beat of life is alive within us, and once it stops beating in our bodies, our bodies cease to live. Our bodies then rot and go back to Earth which keeps on growing and expanding from their remains. Our deceased bodies even provide nourishment for worms and other creatures. The cycle of life is alive through God’s power, and even as much as we may try to corrupt the world, everything is always rearranged and balanced in such a way that we can always find an opportunity in any obstacle. We may choose to ignore this, nevertheless it is true. 

We must all snap out of the illusion which the system has created. A people divided can never change its circumstances and it can never realized it is being controlled. The system which wants to prevent the world from finding such a unifying truth as God, as the holiness within ourselves, has been hard at work from the dawn of humanity in order to control the minds of free thinkers. We must all move past thinking, in fact, and we must use our simply and divine intuition to realize that we are all one. That truth becomes crystal clear with just one second of honest introspection in which we realize that we have been defending a damaged and corrupted ego all along, a false personality within ourselves. Once this becomes clear we can live out of a place of love for all that exists, realizing that we are divine and unique extensions of God’s ever-creating power. Stop complaining for your circumstances and feeling entitled to eternal bliss and begin sharing that bliss everywhere you go and to everyone you meet. What goes around comes around, and that which you give you shall receive.



“Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

~ Matthew 22:35-40


“Try to realize it’s all within yourself, no-one else can make you change
And to see you’re really only very small
And life flows on within you and without you.”

“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.”

~ George Harrison, ‘Within You, Without You’ by the Beatles.



Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now! Time is a concept, it is not absolute truth. We have created time as a means of keeping track of events – when they happened, when they will happen, what leads to what. We need time in order to maintain a mental organization of life and all that takes place in it. The tragedy is that reached a point where we have become completely enslaved to time and its rules. We have forgotten that we created the rules of time ourselves. We waste precious hours of our life grieving over times which are gone and which will never come back to us, dead to reality, only existing in own minds. We spend our minutes obsessing over a future time that might never even come or over some unrealistic notion that we will finally be happy if only we are able to achieve this or acquire that. We become so upset with imaginary time, and the resulting problems on an individual and social level are far from imaginary.

We often make decisions without thoroughly thinking through the implications of our choices. We do this because we feel rushed and pressured to achieve, we feel as though life is passing us by and we need to keep up with others. 


“Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.”
~ Earl Nightingale (1921-1989)


In order to give light, one must first burn. Wise advice from Rumi, one of history’s greatest Sufi mystics. Although great ideas like this are often explained with the noblest intentions, we never really know how they can be interpreted by those who try to comprehend its meaning. Many people, belonging to various religious and non-religious groups, who strongly identify with certain ideologies, seem to think, for example, that being a light unto the world requires that not only they themselves burn, but that they also burn others down with them in the process of spreading their message. People such as terrorists, etc. Yet many of us engage in the same kind of behavior in our daily lives. In our self-righteous attempts to shine a light unto the world, we end up creating problems, because what we believe is the truth, what we believe is the way in which others should live, is not necessarily the way in which they themselves believe they should live. Often we are the ones who are wrong, yet we go around our whole lives spewing nonsense and corrupting the minds of those who are unfortunate enough to hear us.

Too often we think that shining a light requires us to be heroes, to start great political or religious movements, to reform some kind of movement or to help thousands of people in need. All of these can be truly noble pursuits, but we don’t need to achieve some great, outstanding achievement in this life in order to be a light. In fact, the constant feeling of needing to be someone, to be important, has taken hold of many of us who now live based on our ego, telling ourselves that what we need to achieve is for the people, for our families, or for our friends, when it is really for ourselves. Many of us let this idea get in the way of relationships, as we may believe ourselves to be superior to everyone else, and we may try to control the way in which others behave, or shame others for the way they live or think.  We need to restrict the number of proclamations we make based on little or no evidence, for they are far too many nowadays. Many of us in today’s world, wish to shed light on topics we feel strongly for or against. Although there are certainly things which should be, and are for the most part, frowned upon by society as a whole, such as any action that harms innocent people, there are other things which are not so clear. Sometimes in an attempt to shed light on something we believe we have the authority to speak on, we end up judging people based on nothing but our own preconceived notions, or on ideas we’ve adopted from our society over time. Both are quite the same really.

When we condemn someone else for something, we often fail to see that we are condemning ourselves. As the expression goes, when you point at someone you’re pointing three fingers back at yourself. There are no good and bad people. We have all been good and bad at some point, and the good we might have done might have simply happened without our good intention even. So was it really a good deed? The fact is that everything which is good is in some way bad, and everything which is bad is in some way good, in the grand scheme of things. There is nothing in this physical plane which escapes the law of duality, of cause and effect, or that is beyond the illusion of separation, of maya. We can only come to an understanding of the oneness beyond the illusion of separation if we accept that all difference is due to illusion, and that all is really the same. 

We must realize that, although some crimes might be more severe than others, we are all essentially committing the same sin, to put it in an understandable way. What sin is this? The sin of allowing our lower instincts to take control of us, and to make us act against our better judgement, against our inherent wisdom, against our inner light. We have allowed ignorance to consume us, we have embraced suffering and become it, devoid of divine perception. This transgression leads to every single evil present in our world, it all comes from this same source. So instead of blaming others, blaming the system, the elite, or the bankers and the politicians, or blaming gangs and organized crime, or blaming religion or the media, rather than spending our time assigning blame, we need to humble ourselves and to come to the realization that we are no better than anyone else.

We are all equal in spirit, but not in mind. And speaking of mind, keep in mind that mind is not eternal. Mind, or brain, will come to and end. The person and the body you identified with so closely, which you nurtured so dearly for so many years, will die, will cease to exist in the blink of an eye. Where will you go? Where will you be? We have many religions and philosophies which attempt to provide insight into where we will be after death, but apart from that, there is another way in which we will continue to be: in the hearts and minds we have touched while on this planet, during this incarnation. The legacy we leave behind can either be one of light or one of darkness. And you might ask, well, isn’t everything both light and dark in the end?

The answer is that it is, but only in illusion, only in the limited way in which we  perceive the world. No matter how many choices we make, reality on this plane will keep on manifesting itself and generating experiences based on perfect dual balance, or so it will seem to the untrained eye. Behind the scenes of all the suffering and pain, of all the glory and triumph, of all the love and the hate, all our thoughts and actions are bringing about equal opportunities for wrongs to be set right, for past mistakes to be corrected to create a better future. The only wisdom we can leave behind as a legacy to this forever-divided world is that of the oneness behind the illusion, so that the message may reach those who are blessed to receive it, so that they may see past the illusion and may live to teach others about the oneness of it all. 

When we live with this perception of everything as one, compassion becomes more natural to us, we become less anxious for situations to go our way, we become less stressed and worried about the future, we become less controlling of those around us and instead we open our minds and get in touch with our intuition in order to honestly evaluate every area of our lives. When we live with this perception of oneness, it becomes harder to judge others, since we see that their mistakes arise from the same state of ignorance which our own mistakes arise from. We begin to see the need to lead by example, as opposed to merely teaching and preaching everywhere we go.

Teaching is good, but more important is walking the talk, living a life of integrity which others can learn from. At times, this may seem impossible in a world filled with so much ignorance. But this helpless feeling can be alleviated by seeing the ignorance itself as an illusion. All ignorance is there so that we may see past it, as a motivational boost for us to keep rising, improving, moving beyond our limited state of perception. Living life in such a truthful and honestly mystical way will no doubt come with its challenges, often great ones at that. But to one who has felt the deep oneness which underlies and pervades all existence, and who feels the necessity to make this known, the task seems more  important than even his own personal identity. Such selflessly enlightened souls are definitely ready to burn in order to provide a dazzling light, a bright candle which will shine forever, opening the doors of perception for those brave ones looking to venture past what they think they already know.

Plato said that “those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, all imprisoned for the noble cause of uniting divided peoples, of rebelling against division and separation and hate. Gandhi was also assassinated for peace by a man who was strongly driven by extreme nationalism. Among artists, John Lennon was assassinated among many other activists for peace throughout the ages. And let’s not forget Jesus whose very message of peace led to his violent death by crucifixion. Sometimes one feels the need to heal this world no matter the consequences. Most of us ignore this sentiment, preferring to go about our daily lives without a care. Those who are brave enough to accept such an uncomfortable challenge are truly heroes, God’s shining lights illuminating the Earth at various point throughout the ages.




A Rebel dares to voice an unpopular opinion, to shine bright and proud among a mass of dull and unoriginal zombies, copying and repeating, internalizing and spewing back out, everything they consume through the physical senses. A Rebel boldly exploits his creative talents and interests, as well as the full power of his mind and body, in order to optimize his life experience, by constantly learning, and applying what is being learned, in order to remain in a state of constant improvement and progress, which ultimately leads to inner and outer prosperity.

What is the Rebel Movement about? Well, there are many things in society – in fact, most things in society – which are designed or manipulated in order to enforce an illusion upon us. Having this illusion hammered into our minds 24/7 every day creates a false worldview, one in which everyone is to be outsmarted. Every man for himself, all trying to climb the corporate ladder. This simply leaves no room for selflessness, for morality, for compassion, especially since our survival depends on the fruits of our labor. If others surpass us we might lose our job, our only money supply. 

Movies and music promote a false world view as well, all the while keeping up a rebellious image. Many artists, especially rappers, love to talk about how they’re going against the system, how they’re all for the people and we need to rise up. On the next track of the album they’re bragging about the cars they own and the ridiculous amounts of money they make. They wave this in the faces of the masses on music videos, making us want it so bad. They advertise designer brands and even pharmaceutical drugs through their music while they might not really do what they say, or with the frequency they say they do. But still, kids who then copy such behavior end up in severe problems that can haunt them for the rest of their lives, or they might lose their life altogether due to a drug overdose or a gang related incident for trying to act tough.

The system has embedded itself into every aspect of society. Even the church has and continues to manipulate people in the system’s favor. People are told that their religion is the only way to salvation, and that they must convert everyone else. This separation makes the followers of such a religion feel chosen or special. This feeds into the division which the people in power want to keep us trapped in. As long as we are divided we will never transform the situation on this planet. On the contrary, things will continue getting much worse. 

The great Beatles singer John Lennon said that “when it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.” He couldn’t have stated such truth in a clearer way. Nowadays, crips and bloods kill each other over simple colors, not knowing anything at all about the person on the other end of the bullet. Republicans and democrats verbally abuse each other in the streets and on the internet, they physically assault each other at political rallies. Whites and blacks are in constant conflict long after the days of Martin Luther King Jr. Conflict over race never stops, over something so physical as our skin, as our temporary clothing which will go back to the dirt and to the earth which we are all a part of. How can we be living in times of such ignorance? If we don’t break free we will always be divided into two or more groups, continuously killing each other, doing the dirty work for those in power who are kicking back laughing at us all. 

This is happening because we are not rebelling. Oh yeah, we are protesting in the street and shouting obscenities at everyone and everything, at whoever is the popular person to blame at the current moment. If we would really exercise our Rebel Spirit however, we would sit back and observe the situation objectively. We would allow our intuition to lead us to the simple truth that a house divided cannot prosper. Our body is a house, and when one organ becomes corrupted the whole organism begins to fail. The same goes for our planet, Mother Earth or Gaia, as referred to by the ancient Greeks. If we are in constant conflict with each other than we cannot do our part in nurturing our planet, in keeping it healthy and strong for its own good as well as our own. We are actually engaging in the opposite kind of behavior. We are actively seeking all opportunities to destroy the Earth’s natural beauty and to corrupt everything which is pure on this planet, and we are doing it all in the name our our god, Money.

Money is the system’s tool to keep us in constant slavery. Inflicting debt on the masses is the ultimate goal. Since everything runs on money, being deprived of money makes us feel like we are no one, like we are nothing and have nothing. Other people respect us less due to their own twisted perception in which they see money as the ultimate possession. In many people’s eyes, if you don’t have money then you don’t matter. Why do they think this way? Because the system is designed to make us think this way. A mind which is simply concerned with selfishly prospering will be susceptible to deceit and manipulation. The system will tempt you and will make you want to disregard your morals. It will do this in the subtlest ways at first to desensitize you and to make your forget about your inner spirit. If it succeeds, then the system has created a mindless zombie who will follow trends and attempt to fit in by buying more and more things and experiences. 

The Rebel Spirit refuses to fall into this trap. We realize that everything in the world is cyclical, including pleasure and pain. Just as we are, everything we experience is only temporary. This transitory experience of life is a test, a test to see if we can keep conscious of who we really are, of the Divine Spirit which dwells in us. If we can remain conscious of this, then we will have enough intuition and enough will to stand up for our beliefs and to speak the truth, to speak righteousness wherever and whenever necessary. The people who have embodied this truth to the fullest have not even been afraid of death, for they know that speaking the truth and living with integrity is always worth it, and that whatever comes of it is what needs to come. Someone who has acknowledged the Rebel Spirit within them cannot and will not be manipulated by the system. We need to constantly work at being the masters of our own minds. It all begins with removing from our minds all the negativity we have allowed into it, and filling it with positive thoughts and ideas directly from our intuition. Perhaps we have known for a while that changes are necessary and urgent in a certain part of our lives, but because of our mind and the habit its developed over the years of only seeking pleasure, we have been unable to make the change. Our inability is becoming guilt and shame and a feeling of weakness. We lack the strength to force our minds to do what needs to be done. Our mind is in control of us, and will lead us to follow whatever will bring it the most pleasure. This is sure to cause problems since we are not acting from our intuition, we are simply acting from instinct, and not even from natural, biological instinct, but from developed habits, most of which are often not too healthy and are slowly turning us into neurotic people. 




“Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. Yes, it is an end of something that is already dead. It is also a crescendo of what we call life, although very few know what life is. They live, but they live in such ignorance that they never encounter their own life. ~ Osho (1931-1990)

What is death? What is life? Can these two questions not be asked in the same sentence, side by side? Shouldn’t they? Are they not one in the same after all? Life and death are simply two sides of the same coin, and in their seemingly separate form they are another example of the illusion of duality which we project onto the reality we live in. There is no separation, yet we choose to see the whole of life as separated from us, from our individual being. We go through life protecting this individual being from death, from the grim reaper which will come to harm us and drag our souls to hell, to our deepest fears, or perhaps off to heaven to enjoy all our unfulfilled fantasies. Even the greatest believer in heaven is not willing to take his own life in order to reach its gates as soon as possible, no matter how much he may struggle on this earthly plane while he still has breath. There is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves, of our health and our bodies, of our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, but many of us become completely obsessed with our small individual self, to the point that we come to believe that the universe revolves around us; we would do anything to protect ourselves, no matter how immoral or harmful to other beings. We have become desensitized and we now kill for sport or for food when it is unnecessary to be quite honest, and the purpose is not to judge, as I myself still haven’t completely given up the habit of consuming meat. There is an ancient idea, recognized by the sages of various religions. This idea of the oneness behind the duality which the Vedanta teaches so eloquently, this is the idea that permeates throughout all religion and ethics, the reason for morality, for love and unconditional friendship. We are all one people, children of the Great Spirit of which nothing can be said by us, since nothing can be grasped. This oneness is itself a contradiction to our warped view of things, to our view of the world in which everything is of dual nature, in which everyone is an enemy and is out to get us, in which life itself is a competition, one which we absolutely must win, we simply must come out on top by any means. We are so caught up in illusion that we have no way of perceiving the infinite oneness beyond it all, that by which the eye can see, that by which the ear can hear, as explained in the Upanishads. We choose to use separation as our base point, the reference point from which we see and interact with the world. We fail to realize that even death cannot separate us from those around us, let alone life. We are always one because the Spirit which gives me life gives you life, the Spirit which is in you is the Spirit within me. What we perceive as separation due to ignorance is in fact together, all hearts are beating because of this one rhythm, and all lungs are breathing in life because life is all around us, within us as well as without us. Life cannot erase us, as everything that is simply keeps on being, if not here then somewhere else, if not today then tomorrow or yesterday. Time and space are nothing to the Spirit. We perceive all as separate but our life is simply a flash, before we continue on to new adventures. The law of cause and effect continues the cycle, and from death we must keep on working out our karma, doing our duty, our dharma. It is definitely an interesting concept which makes much sense, and as I have always believed, the Spirit of God dwells within us all and is the reason why we have what we call conscience or intuition, why we are able to love and to sacrifice ourselves for others, why many of us devote our lives to others, be they our wives or husbands, brothers or sisters, mothers or even distant relatives, be they the poor or the sick, or the orphan and the widow as suggested in the Bible, we all have the ability to love and to care for others because we are all the same. Compassion is a natural virtue which many have attempted to kill off throughout the centuries because it does not fit their political purpose, or whichever other purpose. Hate is a strong force, yet the force of love and of all that is good can never be eradicated off the face of the earth. Even what we see as evil, what is indeed evil, what our fellow human beings do, or what even we ourselves do, while under the influence of ignorance is indeed evil if that is the word we are to use, yet every action we do is powerless against the infinite love of God which keeps this world and everyone on it alive. We can never disrupt creation, and everything we do is balanced out in order to deliver what is deserved to each person based on their actions in the present, in the past or in the distant past. The law of cause and effect is duality itself, is one of the laws which govern the illusion of maya which we are immersed in. This is also one of the seven ancient Hermetic Principles and is a key concept in the Kabbalah as well. Everything brings about its effect, yet there is a oneness above even the laws themselves, including that of cause and effect, and everything falls into place according to the supreme law, according to Divine Will. Nothing ever dies, as the universe is in constant motion. God is energy, and the laws that are in place in our dimension and all those that may exist are employed under this energy’s commands so that everything works perfectly. The vast majority of humanity will fail to comprehend this Divine Will for a long time because everything appears as a contradiction. Life and death seem to disagree, as one brings about so much joy, and the other so much pain. But our vision is incomplete, and that is the real problem here. Life not only brings about much joy, it also comes along with tremendous pain, starting from the very moment of childbirth. The mother experiences excruciating pain to bring into this world a child who is one hundred percent sure to experience his or her fair share of pain throughout their life experience. Pain is inevitable as long as we live, and it is contained within life just as much as joy is. And how do we not know that death does not bring joy to those departed? How do we know that there is not a very special reason why they had to leave us? One thing is for sure, at least: Being part of the eternal Spirit of God, as nothing can be without the Spirit, we can never truly die. We are immortal, and there is no reason to grieve for anyone. 




It is a fact that we all possess the power within ourselves to do what is right, to act with integrity in every situation we may find ourselves in. For those of us who believe this truth and are prepared to begin the work of consciously putting it into practice in our lives, it is essential that we start by becoming completely conscious of our behavior at every moment possible, by becoming aware of our thought processes and our emotional tendencies – only then can we begin to see real progress in the path of strengthening our character. We absolutely must practice our awareness as the basis of the rest of this work, we must take control of our minds instead of allowing our minds to control us. Manly P. Hall spoke of this more in depth in one of his many mind-expanding lectures, which you can listen to here on YouTube, and hopefully it will inspire you as much as it has me.

The concept is that the mind is a tool given to you from birth – to the real You, to your Spirit. Once you accept this and this becomes your reality then the whole idea of will-power becomes a bit silly. You realize that all you – the real You – need to do is to use the tool you have in your head instead of allowing it to use you. You would never consciously decide to sit and watch TV all day as you ignore ad forget about your family and friends and you get fired from your job, would you? No, you won’t do that because you are well aware that the TV is a tool, a tool which is useful for entertainment or information.

Similarly, our mind is a much more important tool to us which can also be used for entertainment or information, yet instead of using it to its maximum extent, we allow it to use us in any and every way possible, as if we were the tools which was created for our minds’ use. We spend hours and days and months and years stuck in our own minds and we allow them to create negative ideas, toxic ideas about ourselves and others, about the world. We allow our minds to separate us from those we love, and from the rest of the world, and we forget about the immortal Spirit we really are. Instead we begin to think of ourselves in terms of ideologies and labels. We must become fully conscious of this, always, in order to avoid falling into mental slavery, or slavery to the mind.

For those of us looking to develop our inner strength in order to delve deeper into universal truths – for the mystics, the philosophers, free-thinkers and the Rebels to the insanity of the world – we must understand that basic morality is always the first step before any progress can be made spiritually. This is mentioned by eminent philosopher and esotericist Rudolf Steiner in his book “How to Know Higher Worlds” and is the reason why the Hindu philosophical and spiritual system of Raja Yoga consists of all the basic elements of ethics and morality, the first step being self-control (Yama), followed by discipline (Niyama). This is the path that eventually leads one up to complete concentration, or realization, Samadhi. The full method is eloquently explained by Swami Vivekananda in his book, also titled “Raja Yoga”. No progress can be made if one does not strive for integrity and righteousness in every area of one’s life.

You may argue that I am no expert in any field, that I never got a university degree, and that for those reasons what I say is something baseless, without evidence, devoid of meaning – a merely personal opinion which can be accepted or rejected. After all, how can I possibly state such bold claims regarding morality and justice? You can definitely choose whether to accept or reject what I say about the real Self and the integrity within us all, and I am well aware that some argue that basic human nature is naturally evil. Many people have endured enormous amounts of severe and senseless pain which has been inflicted on them by other humans, often by people they deeply cared for and trusted, which makes them feel this way. I am aware of the excruciating pain that goes on in the world daily, and yet I am willing to state my belief in God. We must see and understand that pain is inevitable. It has been going on forever and will forever go on because we have decided to disconnect from our basic sense of righteousness, the simple topic of this whole post.

We claim to believe in integrity and justice, but we only enforce it when it benefits us or at least when it doesn’t harm us. Similarly, we employ injustice whenever we see it will be beneficial, and it will be possible to escape unperceived. This is the reason why there is, has always been, and will always be, pain on earth. This is unfortunate reason why Buddha taught us that life is suffering. So yes, I acknowledge that I never graduated from any university, only from high school. I still have time to do it and I just might in the near or distant future, but I sure don’t have any valid reason to delay my spiritual, moral or literary work for lack of a degree, especially if I can shed some light on the path for others in the process. We often judge ourselves and others based on degrees, on papers, on credentials, on status and power and money. I am definitely blessed to say that I have now trained my mind to the point where I don’t look for any of those things previously mentioned in people, and instead I love finding what is truly inside each person’s soul, as it is another manifestation of the Divine Spirit incarnated on Earth.

Like I stated a few moments ago, we all have the power within us to do what is right in each and every situation. We don’t need to study or learn, we just need to be. Books can only guide us so far, they remind us of the simple truth that is. Once we recognize and remember that simple truth, we must move forward by looking within, at our intuition, at that spiritual power which allows us to live for God, to live righteously with both meaning and purpose. Since the time I graduated from high school I have learned about many subjects for hours on my own time, as I had an idea a few years back of developing my own kind of school for myself, to learn about subjects which I am actually interested in in my free time. Spirituality and comparative religion is one of these subjects, one of the main ones, and upon studying various religious, philosophical and mystical systems and their core texts and ideas, I came to the conclusion that what they all teach is essentially the same, and it has been artistically wrapped in myth and metaphor in different ways by and for different people and cultures throughout history.

All of these systems teach that belief in God or Spirit comes from this intuition within, and that we all have God living within us, the Atman reflecting the Brahman, dwelling within the temple of God. Often times however, the God within has been ignored and corrupted as hateful agendas have been disguised behind costumes of spiritual values by people who were motivated by evils such as greed and lust, and when this happened things such as crusades, inquisitions, and more recently, suicide bomber and terrorist attacks were the eventual results. So, for me, what I speak of is just part of what I’ve come to realize during my time on this conscious journey of self-inquiry and self-improvement, as well as from observing and analyzing what is going on and has been going on around the world throughout history. All religious labels are meant to divide, and the mystics of all religions recognize that God is universal and can be known by all, regardless of religion or creed.

I don’t claim to be an expert here, teaching about some advanced occult knowledge, asking you to believe my theory of God or the universe. However, the way I see it, it is clear that if we believe in humanity’s natural and essential good then we must believe in God, and like Buddha, I am not aiming to argue about what God or which God the real God is, since God is only one, only God, and any name given to God is something created by human beings for division’s sake. God is all-pervading, the reason for our being, and our Spirit is God’s life in us. Somehow still, there are those who believe in morality without God, often using all the evil and pain in the world as justification for their belief. They say that morality is enforced by us if we wish to enforce it, and that there is no real force of good in the universe except that which we choose to create, only if we choose to do so. It is unfortunate that people cannot recognize where their own Spirit comes from, but as the physician, alchemist and astrologer Paracelsus stated:

“There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition.” ~ Paracelsus (1493-1541)

I believe that you know in the deepest part of your soul, in fact I am certain that you know, that what I say is a simple truth that can be fathomed by all. If we put prideful intellect aside for just one second, if we take the mind off its pedestal for a mere moment of spiritual awareness, all of us can recognize something within us which is much realer than the petty pleasures and pains which we allow to enslave us on a daily basis, and we know that we have the power to be happy and fulfilled. We don’t need to be mystics or occultists, or monks or nuns to realize that within us is something much deeper. We can choose to ignore it for some time if we wish, but it will not go away no matter what we do. The very reason why and for which I live will never depart from me, lest there cease to be a me, and I do not mean that in a physical sense. My physical body will definitely come to its end, as do all earthly things. This is why Jesus taught us not to make treasures for ourselves in this world, and why Buddha preached non-attachment to the world, why devout followers of God might often retreat from the world for the most part in order to follow a life of piety as monks, as disciples of Divinity, dead to desire.

This truth about the real Self is a truth so true that it has been taken for granted by humanity for so long, and this has caused it to become invisible to us. We have become blind to this magic which is all around us and in fact within us, so we can’t help but fail to realize its full potential in our lives. Whether or not we can come back to a state of awareness in which we can perceive this magic once again all depends on how conscious and aware we are of our mental processes and behavior patterns on a moment-to-moment basis. Often when we make a grave mistake, we later come to realize that we did it following our immediate instinct, the immediate emotion or desire, the impulse which led us to act. We followed this impulse without any prior examination of the consequences, or more importantly, of whether this is truly an action of our real Self. Sometimes we lie, we steal, we cheat, and we even kill for personal convenience, and we do so because we have become trapped in a perpetual state of ignorance.

We continuously ignore such basic universal laws which have been taught to us by the facts of history as well as by the greatest philosophers, artists and mystics of the past. For those of us on the path of awakening and living life the way it is meant to be lived, let us remember at all times that, although facing life realistically as well as positively can be an extremely difficult challenge, we always have the ability to train our consciousness in order to fixate it on the present moment in order to know what is right and wrong in the current situation. We all possess the Spirit of intuition, which is not instinct but quite the opposite. Instinct is the acquired nature of the mind, while intuition is the knowledge that shines through from beyond our mind. If we don’t follow our intuition of what is right and wrong, soon we will become desensitized to evil completely, and at that point we are steady on the road to perdition. On the other hand, the more we practice listening to our intuition in our daily lives, the more integrity and strength of character we will cultivate.

We must also believe that we have this power within us, since it is true that faith can move mountains. I for one believe that it would not be undoubtedly impossible for us to be able to physically move mountains with faith, were it not for the fact that even a most pious person who claims to have faith that he will move a mountain will at the same time have a thought cross his feeble mind made of matter, a thought that tells him that he obviously cannot move a mountain with his mind, that tells him he’s going crazy. We all must have some doubt to begin with, since we don’t know exactly why or how we came to be on this earth as a species. Our mind is not a flawless thing, it is a product of duality, and it has a left and right brain. The price for sin is confusion according to the Bible, and I’m sure no one is willing to disagree that we live in a world of total confusion these days.

Eckhart Tolle says in his wonderful book ‘A New Earth’ that “sin” really means missing the mark of our purpose on this planet, and that the word’s terrifying connotations must be removed so that we may work on our pains as a people. Eckhart claims that the word was translated wrongly from the Greek Biblical text. I for one have not investigated this myself, although I know that many mistranslations of the Bible are indeed real. Regardless, one thing that cannot be denied is that we have definitely missed the mark as a species. We have missed the purpose for which we came to be on this planet. The clearest idea of our life purpose that we can all conceive is love. Love contains within many attributes which are discussed by various religions. All can agree on the nature of love, and we all know it as the greatest good.

The Beatles sang to the world during a time in which young people began to open their minds and break socially engineered mentalities, began fighting for peace and prosperity for the world as a whole. What was their advice? “All you need is Love. Love is all you need.” My dear brothers and sisters, let us not pretend that we do not know what is right. Let us not feel entitled to cuss and complain about our brothers, friends or co-workers because they did something we didn’t like, or about strangers because they cut in front of us at the parking lot. We all know that things are as they must be, and we all know that complaining achieves nothing but misery, a melancholic misery which can quickly turn into a life-consuming sense of constant crisis, a label to identify with. Leave aside all that you know to be harmful to your inner Being. Remove all the nonsense, and you will find the wisdom which is already within you, all the strength of character you will ever need.



The inspiration that you seek is already within you. Don’t waste another minute on mere wishing, on hopeless daydreaming. Don’t waste a single second on complaining about the circumstances that currently confine you. If you only realized how free you really are you would not allow the temporary pleasures and pains of life to torment you to such an extent. You would realize how free you already are to control your mental state and to balance your emotions and thoughts. We waste time as we knock on many doors on our quest for that missing thing, that magical thing that could fill the emptiness within us. We are attracted and lured in by the first fleeting feeling of potential escape from the life we loathe, our real life. We feel uninspired, like there is no value to what we do, simply because often times we are not doing what we would like to, or life isn’t looking the way we expected it to. We fail to realize that there is intrinsic value to every life experience we go through, whether it is one which is typically labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Many of us fall into depression after countless years of feeling sorry for ourselves, of pitying ourselves and of harboring a secret hatred within, a gradually developing rage against the world because it fails to provide the magic we so desire, the substance, the grand significance and meaning we live and breathe for. We think we are all meant to be celebrities, singers or actors, or famous revolutionaries or politicians or leaders. Many of us become severely disappointed because of these false idea of grandeur, of seeing “success” as a necessity. It is imperative to our species that we understand something: success is not measured by material goals or status or personal power. Success depends on how we react to daily obstacles, how we treat those who wish us harm, whether we curse or bless those who mock or talk down on us. Come to think of it, success really is based on power. But not personal power. The power by which success can be measured is that immense and holy power which resides within every human being, the power of decency, of integrity, of selflessness, of intuition. Ultimately, we may call it the power of divine inspiration, and there is no power that even comes close to this infinite power. As we waste away praying to find our purpose or our passion, we become blind to the blessings which make up our life situation, even things we take for granted like our health or our friends and family, or electricity or running water. We can see that the problem is not that life does not provide inspiration, but rather that, in our ignorance and in our greed, in our restless need for more, we ignore all the simple blessings which are meant to inspire us, blessings which should leave us in a state of awe, such as our breath perhaps, without which none of us could even live on this planet. We cannot see that life in itself is the biggest blessing of all, it is inspiration itself, with all its highs and lows. As living beings, therefore, we all contain this inspiration within us at every moment. We can access this divine inspiration whenever we wish, and the only thing separating us from it is our ingrained belief that there exists no such thing. But inspiration is real, and as long as we remain alert and have our inner eye open to see beyond ignorance, as long as we choose to respect the undeniably inspiring feeling of intuition which we feel within us, then doing so will become our most powerful habit. Divine inspiration turns blind faith into true faith, it turns dreams into reality, and it is the magical force behind all miracles. As long as we spend our time complaining about how pointless life is, about how annoying everything is, I can assure you we will not be able to perceive the blessings which are taking place all around us as well as in our own lives, both in our day to day as well as in the bigger picture of our lives and of collective humanity and life in general. We can access incredible wisdom direct from the source, as many have done in the past, and we can develop an inner strength, a stubborn and persistent kind of courage that keeps us motivated through the harshest tragedies. Inspiration comes from fearlessness. As the Spirit of God is manifesting itself through all our lives, we are all naturally divinely inspired. The more we ignore this the harder it becomes for us to grasp and understand this inspiration within us. This inspiration would transform our lives, it would allow it to positively transform the lives of those we love and even millions more. This inner inspiration would be the solution to every problem, it would enable us to move mountains even. The problem is that we live in fear, and fear does not allow us to proceed. Fear is a low emotion which we feel during this existence because we identify solely with our body and who we are in this incarnation. Fear comes from identification with the individual body, from misunderstanding, from wrong view. Ultimately, fear arises only when we see others as separate from ourselves. Unable to perceive the oneness which is everything, unable to perceive that all that happens is part of God, unable to perceive that there is no need for fear and that all divine inspiration should be acted upon, we struggle to even survive because we become paralyzed, mentally and eventually physically. We may go from here to there but we never make a move, we never pursue our dreams, we never try to give life to the plans we have, and we never even take a moment to sit back, relax, and accept our life as the blessing that it is. After all, life is in a constant state of flux, of continuous change, and even though things may not be going so good for us today, we can always feel happiness as we rejoice at the joy of our friends and family, or of those who we do not know. After all, we are all one, and accepting this is the end of all fear, the beginning of inspiration. Accepting this amazing truth also suggests acceptance of the Great Spirit which resides within us all as well as without us, of the reason why we are even alive. When we realize that we are all alive due to God’s divine mercy, due to the oneness behind all duality, at that point what could possibly incite fear in us? At that point we will find that when we lose our unfounded fear, which is all fear, only then will we find our unconditional inner inspiration. This truth has been known for thousands of years, as we find in the Isha Upanishad: “Who sees all beings in his own self and his own self in all beings, loses all fear.”




Everything is in constant motion. The divine energy which gives life to all material forms can never be destroyed. As one physical form dies, the energy within it migrates to another form, evolving and progressing. So we see, energy can never die. Life is a cycle, and just as death and life are one in the same, good and bad are too. What we see as positive another might see as negative, what is one man’s trash is the next man’s treasure. Someone’s pain is someone else’s pleasure. Everything is relative, just as everything is of dual nature. Opposites are the same, differing only in degree. Heat and cold are both states of temperature, just as happy or sad are both descriptions of mood. Goodbyes are never final, and from the memories of the past which has been left behind will flourish a new present. When we unwrap this present we have received it becomes clear how the past has led up to the present. Every decision we take leads up to something else. Just like no one is born for no reason, no one dies for no reason either. Just as we are mourning our loved ones here, they are probably being greeted into a new dimension or state of being. Consciousness is immortal, and it does not end when the body dies. Just as a snake sheds its skin, we lose our earthly garments in order to take up a new life, one we are now ready to live. Where or when this life takes place is not known. In a purely spiritual state the implications of time and space might not even be present. The spirit of the departed might simply dwell in eternal Oneness, in a feeling of being which is above anything else and completely past description. The spirit might, on the other hand, be reborn into a new body, human or otherwise, perhaps not even on this planet at all. We don’t really know. Humanity as a whole does not have one definite answer, although many people claim to have the answer. In my opinion, we do not know because we are not supposed to. If we knew everything which is to come then how could we possibly focus on the now? I think that, while on this planet, access to the future has been limited to us because it would serve no purpose. Assuming what we are seeing is the future then that would mean it is irreversible. Why would we then feel motivated to do anything except try to stop the inevitable? The past, on the other hand, does provide a benefit, provided we analyze it in the right way, free of unrestrained emotion and attachment to the situation. If we look at past situations objectively, we can see what we have done wrong. We can see clearly what we can do better now in order to have better results in the future than we do now. But if we spend too much time or energy on remembering the past, then what happens is that we stop living in the now. So what is needed is a balance. We need to objectively analyze our individual and collective past in order to learn the lessons we need in order to improve our lives. Once we know what we need to change, and we have developed a plan, then we need to forget about the past and to focus solely on the present in order to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves. This is using memory in the correct way. It is also a clear example of how what has been paves the way for what will be. Goodbyes are always hellos. When we say goodbye to our destructive habits, we are automatically welcoming good habits into our lives, such as the habit of analyzing our lives and removing bad habits. When we stop spending time with negative people, we automatically open our schedule to more positive people. When we stop thinking we know everything, we are suddenly hit with epiphanies left and right about things which we are just now noticing, wondering how we hadn’t noticed before. When we let go of the old, we make way for the new. In other words, there is no such thing as goodbye or hello. Both share the same meaning, they are equally nothing or equally everything. One thing which I personally have learned from this idea is that there is never any reason to complain about anything. Everything we lose we were meant to lose, and the same goes for everything we gain. No matter how many free decisions we make, no matter how many mistakes we make, the Divine intelligence behind the whole of life will always organize everything in such a way that you live through the experiences you need to live. Maybe you’ve lost your house, your car, all your possessions, everything you ever cared for. Maybe you’re just about ready to curse at God or at the sky or at anyone who crosses your way. Maybe you can never picture living without the things you used to have, without the lifestyle you used to have. You’re not ready or willing to say goodbye. What would you have left if you said goodbye? Who would you be then? Will you be someone who has given up? You might. But it might just be that you have given up exactly what you needed to give up. It might just be the case that you needed to lose everything you had in order to find something much greater. It might seem like a ridiculous concept, and also it is kind of an extreme one. However, the point is still valid. I’m sure we have all had instances in our lives when we were so upset about something we lost, some possession, some opportunity, some relationship. We held this anger and resentment and bitterness inside us until one day something came along which made us forget all about that old bitterness. One day we might be sitting down in reminiscence, and we might wonder how we could have ever been so upset about that one situation from your distant past. We see how that loss directly led to one of the most valuable things we now have. Life works in mysterious ways and I’m sure most of us can agree. Many of us won’t agree because we have stopped seeing life as miraculous. We have come to believe we know everything there is to know about the world and the universe and how it works, and it’s not that great. Because of this we cannot say goodbye when the time comes, and because we can’t say goodbye we can’t say hello either. Because we can’t let go of the past, we cannot fully live in the pleasure of the present. We might have a great life now, but we might still be seeing it through the eyes of the consciousness we developed while we had a painful life. We are failing to see that after pain comes pleasure and after pleasure comes pain, that the time of pain has passed and the time of pleasure is now ready and awaiting our acceptance. Say goodbye to the old, say hello to the new. 



“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (NIV)




Because of our tendency to put a label on everything, all mind-altering substances are grouped together by the word “drugs”, a word with countless of negative connotations due to the war on drugs. The war on drugs is actually a war on consciousness. We have this notion that drugs are bad, so many people grow up believing that certain drugs are harmful or dangerous but they don’t even know why they believe this. They believe it simply because they were told to believe it and it seemed serious enough so they never bothered to look into the topic themselves. This is how the war on consciousness works. To start with, we are bombarded with propaganda against people who use recreational drugs. We form this evil idea of drugs since we see drug dealers being thrown on the streets, and we know that drugs are connected in some way with organized crime and death. We believe that these drugs that are dangerous are labelled as “illegal” by a loving government who wants to watch out for its people’s well-being. But the government has nothing against drugs. Psychiatrists are paid to promote pharmaceutical drugs so that a perfectly healthy person becomes hooked on pills which he or she thinks is controlling an illness. Restlessness, insomnia, sadness and anxiety are all targeted and exploited in order to make a penny. Children are diagnosed with disorders and hooked on drugs which change their natural behaviors just because they didn’t fit with what society expected of them. There are different kinds of drugs, and although most people choose to ignore this fact it is something that everyone knows. Society’s favorite drug, alcohol, has been responsible for millions of deaths, not to mention tobacco. The two go hand-in-hand. Not only does alcohol ruin one’s physical and mental health, but it keeps on trapped in an illusory existence which is blurry and confused, filled with moments which are missing and moments which seem more like dreams in retrospect. We’re all responsible for our own lives and actions so I’m not attempting to blame any substance for anything I’ve done, but most of the regrettable things from my past I’ve done under the influence of alcohol. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say this, and in fact I know many people who can relate. To me it seems like alcohol is so widely accepted and promoted by the system because it promotes fun without purpose. Sometimes fun without purpose is fine, as everything is okay in right amounts, but the thing about alcohol is that, depending on how much we drink and how much much self-control we practice, it weakens our inhibitions and it makes us act from a place of animal instinct or desire. It is almost as if alcohol disconnects us from the Spirit within us, and maybe that might even be why we black out and don’t remember anything when we wake up. Perhaps we were not there to experience what was happening at all. It seems like alcohol allows us to be entertained for the weekend in order to be ready for another week of making money and joking about drunk times with our co-workers in order to party next weekend also. It allows us to adopt the meaningless routing of the rat race. Cigarettes are pointless as they produce no perceptible effect except for the first cigarette you might have after a long, long time without smoking. Cigarettes are filled with a bunch of literal garbage, with poison, and you pay taxes on them whenever you buy them. So basically you’re paying your hard-earned money to slowly kill yourself. These sorts of things might seem annoying to talk about for those of us living in the ways I previously mentioned. I myself am still tempted by a fun night out of drinking. It doesn’t mean I act on my desires though. Slowly but surely I’ve been working on my self-control and on making sacrifices for the greater good of my family and myself as well as the world at large. This is something I owe largely to my psychedelic journeys so far. The things I mentioned about drinking and smoking are examples of the sort of thoughts that just kind of hit you in the face when you take psychedelics. Everything seems so crystal-clear that it’s just impossible to question. The whole notion of forming part of a religion or a denomination, of playing the game of separation, of looking outward for validation of the Spirit, of the laws of the universe and the laws one must follow, all of these things seem ridiculous while on psychedelics. The feeling is such that one can recognize the divinity, the pure innocence and integrity within all of us, the life which keeps us moving and going. People often say that the psychedelic experience is similar to the experience of oneness felt during meditation or spoken of by certain Hindu or Buddhist texts. For me, I tried psychedelics at a young age and I certainly had this mystical experience of oneness. I guess it came to me because I had always had this introspective and spiritual kind of approach towards psychedelics. I had done my research and I know the type of mind-blowing experiences other people have had on these substances. It was not until much later that I actually started studying religion and philosophy on my own and I realized that what many of these ancient sacred texts describe is so amazingly similar to what I felt during my psychedelic trips. For many years, although I had these crazy mystical psychedelic experiences, I didn’t really pay too much attention to the insight I received during my trips. Looking back at those times, I was still not ready to give up what I thought was the whole fun of life. Although I had great insight during my trips, I would come down and be back in my normal life. Before I had any time to meditate on what I’d seen or thought during my trip, I would always be surrounded by troubled friends who encouraged me to drink and smoke and to just get into trouble with them.