What up world.

I’m Eli, I’m a writer, musician and artist. Rebel Eye is my music moniker. I love life, although sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of, but I guess, in a way, I love even that aspect of it too.

I love my family and friends, I love my wife Maria more than anything in life, and I love creating, whether it’s writing stories, ideas or lyrics, rapping lyrics out or making hip-hop beats, or techno or trance or trippy ambient music, I love it all.

Music is definitely my biggest thing, and you can find my music on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Apart from that I also write my ideas in this blog, random ideas about whatever might be on my mind at the time. I’ve always been a bit of an overthinker, and at some point I just thought it would be interesting to see what could happen if I started writing down ideas in free form whenever I felt the inspiration.

As I’ve lived life and grown I’ve changed a lot in many ways, and I’m not exactly the same person I was when I started making music. That’s the beauty of life, that we can grow and evolve as we learn. If you listen to my older music and compare it to my newer music, it might sometimes seem like the messages are contradictory, and in a lot of cases they really are, but rather than removing my old music because of this I’ve chosen to leave most of it up for the sake of being real and showcasing exactly that fact: that we can all learn, that we can all grow as life goes on.

much love

~ rebel eye

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