1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 37: Forget About Enlightenment and Live Your Life!

Stop worrying about achieving enlightenment, and focus on being in the moment instead. Focus on living your own life to the fullest extent, to the best of your abilities, with no excuses, at all times. Too many people are seeking thrills from so-called spirituality, boosting their egos up with fancy new terms, pretending to fully understand ancient concepts. Nowadays people make money off of spirituality just as with any other service, it’s all been commercialized now. The answer is not in some training program though, or in some spirituality course. The answer can only be found in your own Spirit, the Spirit of God living within you. Can you not feel God’s presence within you? Are you blind to your own goodness, to your own consciousness? Remove the blindfolds then, and behold, be honest with yourself and complete, look at you through God’s ayes, feel your oneness with all beings in Spirit. See that the suffering you can go through could be anyone else’s. We all go through problems while we live our lives, and some of us are stronger than others and are able to find better coping mechanisms than them. Many go down a very dark path of destruction, whether of self or of others. They are caught up in negative emotions, in feelings of hate, of extreme hopelessness, of being alone in a cold world. Understand that everything depends on how we handle each situation. Everything changes, so each decision leads to a new condition of life, and slowly but surely we create the lives we wish to live. On the flip side, we can create a life which we’ll later blame God for, claiming to have no idea how things could have gone so horribly wrong. So make the right decisions now, while you still have the chance to do so. No one will pay for your mistakes but yourself, yet you are bound to bring others down with you with each bad decision, just as everyone else will bring you down with their bad behavior. Let go of the cynicism and understand that, as you help to normalize negativity, others are bound to do the same, and soon we will all be at risk, we will all think we are fine, that we are normal, yet we will be living in an insane and dangerous society, one whose values are upside down. Aren’t these the times we are living in now? Stop looking for the answer here and there, stop treating spiritual matters as a game, as if you can advance from level to level, ascending and becoming some kind of divine teacher who reads peoples futures or commands others what to do at all times. Be humble, acknowledge your limitations and don’t flaunt your talents, use them when necessary. Understand that fools love to talk much, remain observant and alert, alive in the Spirit, unshaken by all the stupidity that might surround us at any given moment. Life becomes a moving meditation, writing a sitting meditation, cooking and making tea or coffee are standing meditations. Feel the moment, whether there’s nothing that seems to important currently going on, or whether you’re going through the biggest crisis you could ever possibly face, remain grounded in your awareness that this too shall pass, and that everything has a lesson to teach. Don’t feel entitled, don’t fight life’s process, however painful it may be, don’t complain, feel all the suffering and pain, but understand is as necessary. A lesson can be learned from every tragedy, and all can rise from the bottom of the deepest pit and ascend to the top of an empire like Joseph, all of us have been granted the ability to rise again, time and time again, just like a fiery phoenix. This is enough to challenge us for the rest of our lives, learning to live with acceptance, submitting our will to the Divine will, to things we cannot understand. Being content with events which we can only analyze over and over in order to learn from, or moments we can only cherish in memory now. What need do we have then to conjure up spirits back from the dead, to do great feats before the eyes of the masses, to spread the word of some religion or ideology wherever we may go, if we have not mastered our own minds, if we haven’t yet learned to be truly humble and accepting of life in every way we perceive it? We will fall, we will easily be deceived, we will think ourselves powerful, yet we will be nothing but puppets for the system, or even for evil spirits, who knows? Spiritual learning is nothing without true humility, without a true commitment to truth, without love for humanity, with cynicism towards life, with evil intentions towards others. No advancement can be made if the requirements to reach the goal are not followed. True bliss comes from the feeling of being rid of all impurity, or at least of most of it, knowing we have tried and struggled but succeeded in the end, from feeling that we are truly connected with the Divine Will, not from acting totally against it. We cannot feel God’s presence within us if we ignore the goodness of our own Spirit. We sometimes choose to ignore our intuition for reasons such as impressing others, or simply blindly following others against our better judgment. We can’t trust others to make decisions for us, we need to be always alert and we need to understand that we have to make the correct decisions for our own lives, each and every one of us, at all times. We are all imperfect as we live in this earthly life, and we all feel this illusion of separateness. It is the reason why we try to learn special skills, why we are so interested in the dark and mysterious at times, since we want to feel like we possess some special, or hidden, knowledge. We can now use this knowledge or wisdom to elevate our consciousness, and therefore our own lives, to a higher level. This is most people’s mentality, and it simply stops there. Not a single thought about using this new knowledge or energy for good, or to give back to the community by creating actual positive change. People want to achieve the condition of no-self, by following purely selfish pursuits, and it just doesn’t work that way.

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 38.

~ Rebel Spirit

“WHERE THE LOVE AT” (produced by Shadowville)




Written and recorded by Rebel Spirit. Produced by Shadowville Productions. Mixed and mastered by Rebel Spirit. Cover art edited by Rebel Spirit. We all need to take a real honest look at ourselves and accept the amazing fact that we all come from the same essence. We can’t go on living in the same way we have for milennia while somehow avoiding worldwide chaos. Even with the heights of all our technological, social and medical advances, machines actually contribute to our alienation from society and our poor health, people still struggle all their lives through poverty and violence, and millions still die every day due to incurable illnesses. It’s definitely time we all stop and think about the message of Truth which can be found within us, the same message some enlightened beings have attempted shared with us since the beginning of time, regardless of being ridiculed and mocked, persecuted and crucified. They all tried to show us something so simple, yet so precious; something so full of goodness that it encompasses all that is good, from respect among all beings, to compassion for the less fortunate, to intrinsic, unconditional love for those we build a bond with throughout our lives. If we all look for this Truth within us, regardless of race, nationality, religion or belief system, we will clearly see that love is the answer very much needed to the uncertain questions we all face in today’s corrupted world. So I ask you, “Where the love at?!?”

~ God bless | ~ REBEL SPIRIT


The Silence within the Self.



“In silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else present, you are getting in tune with existence.”

~ Osho (1931-1990)

Often times silence speaks louder than a thousand words.
Silence can be sleep, it can be a dream. It can be a daydream.
Silence can be deep meditation or introspection, or it can be a subtle representative of a profound sense of awe that has effectively rendered one speechless. Silence can even signal pain, disregard or disrespect for another. Silence can mean someone is at the brink of despair and sees no use for speaking, being so stuck in the troubles of his or her own mind.

Our topic today focuses, however, upon a very positive kind of silence; in fact it is the most positive kind of silence there is, Divine silence. The silence mentioned by Osho in the aforementioned quote is, in fact, that kind of silence, the silence we find within when we practice various forms of meditation, or when we practice identifying more and more with our true awareness rather than with our mind’s thoughts and ideas. This silence contains occult wisdom in itself, since this Divine silence is the silence of the Self, and the Self is in turn a reflection of the Almighty God who created all there is. In other words, we (our true Selves) were made in God’s image, as a reflection of such a great power, and this silence which we find within, represents the nature of each one’s individual Self. It represents some of the good attributes of God, which are also found in the Self as a reflection of God; namely, tranquility, peace, clarity, bliss and wisdom.

When we set out to find the wisdom contained in us in spiritual form, we create this conscious shift in our being, replacing mental chatter, worry and anxiety, which lead to extreme stress, physical illness and an overall unsatisfactory life experience, and we begin to discover the immense benefits of identifying with the silence of the Self, rather than the noise of the ego, or man’s carnal nature, which resembles a toddler who will not, by any means, stop whining in a very loud and obnoxious way until he gets exactly what he wants. Such are the characteristics of the ego inside of man, burning with selfish, lustful desires which are bound to corrupt even the most righteous of persons, bringing them to certain sorrow and grief if followed. In contrast, the silence we refer to resembles babies at the moments in which they are exploring our diverse world for the first time, crawling around in this strange new land, adventuring into the unknown. One need not try too hard in order to notice their pure sense of wonder and amazement, of awe and “holy curiosity” for the miracle of life, as Einstein mentioned.


Babies stare perplexed at us and at the objects around them, intrigue written on their innocent little faces. One cannot help but notice that they are happy merely to be alive, and to be a part of the Divine order of existence. Babies are not afflicted by the incessant fears and ambitions that haunt us adults as though they were real demons, which lead some of us to commit crimes or act out, succumb to severe anxiety or chronic depression, or even take our own lives. Our planet is in urgent need of people with holy curiosity. We must aspire to be holy, righteous, selfless, pure, wise, and all other attributes of goodness, for this is the nature of the spirit in us, the true Self. Selfishness, lust, greed, envy, hate; this is the carnal nature of the mind, a physical organ with ingrained survival instincts.

We must gradually learn to keep the desires of the mind in check, and learn to distinguish between the desires of the mind and the advice of the Self. When we become such inspired, awe-struck children again, that we cannot succumb to temptation, because we feel a deep conviction to shining the light of wisdom that is within, then we are making progress, stepping into the silence that allows us to make the right decision, free of mind’s doubts and insecurities. Humanity must interpret the world anew, as if reborn, in order to see the beauty which is all around us, which our mind loses interest in over many years of social conditioning in our modern system of life. Although this is often so, it is definitely possible to tune back into our Self. In times of violence and corruption as we see in our present day, it is essential that the wise person take his or her responsibility to life and to our planet seriously, and decides it is time to start living life in a more mature manner, a wiser manner. Let us all then train our minds, in order that they may obey when we request silence of them, so that we may take some time to tune in to our Self, our spirit, and receive the wisdom of God in our lives.