DAY 29 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)

The days pass and everything changes like the year’s seasons. We search for meaning but things happen seemingly without reason. We laugh and we cry and we try our best to forget the fact that we were born to die. We were born to die but we were also born to live. We were born to love and to find the treasure within us which only we can give. We say goodbye, we sit with our memories of brothers and sisters who relocated to the sky. It’s a beautiful thing to believe, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we all just choose to be naive. We try to distract ourselves but we know deep inside that we’ll always grieve, for the people we wish we could see again, the dreams that we fought our hardest for but still couldn’t achieve. Not everything is meant to be, and I hope we all come to realize that, eventually. We roll with the punches, we swim with the waves, we give in to pleasures which keep us enslaved. Everything’s a mess, the passion and the stress, the love and the hate, for injustice, for the hypocritical and fake. We apologize, then we make the same mistakes. We don’t know the game we’re playing in, some day it’s karma, some say it’s a sin. Nobody wants to lose, but there have to be losers for others to win. Survival of the fittest, could it be true? Could this be the way we’re meant to live? Is there anything about it that we can even do? The strong kill the weak, we struggle with the deepest truths within our soul which are to complex to speak, 60 seconds make a minute, seven days complete the week. Did God create it all, at the genesis of creation when the wild birds sang? Did we all come from an explosion of elements? The big bang? Religion and philosophy, division and atrocities. We move through life with an insane velocity, accumulating more than we need but never practicing generosity. I can’t provide hope, my rhymes are all over. High me doesn’t recognize me sober. Drugs, alcohol, fascinating substances, some live their whole lives attached to them but never know what substance is. Pleasure takes the place of meaning, entertainment becomes more demeaning. We try to escape reality through books and movies, or daydreaming. We can’t face the facts, so we try to out others down to make up for what we lack. Fighting over male and female, white and black, we sell our time for money that we can stack, up as high as the sky like the tower of Babel, we kill our own brothers like Cain did Abel. With words, with looks, with spite, we never forgive, as if we were unable. I don’t mean to generalize, I guess I jus feel like venting about what I see with my eyes. What I hear with my ears, people living full of fear, media propaganda which is toxic, like Britney Spears. Not talking about her, just a reference to the song. I used to spend all my nights with my speakers and bong. Weeded, never thinking whether I really need it. When I trip I think of family, the time I’ve wasted, the tears I’ve tasted. Addiction, got me thinking things stranger than fiction. Though I love it, often times I hold it all back because I don’t wanna be seen as a walking contradiction. But not anymore, I know we’re all very complex, universes live within our soul. Yet we hide out spirit just to fit into the mold. For the right price it seems any man can be sold. Slavery was never abolished. Nowadays we just do our work with our suit buttoned up and our shows perfectly polished. Just an exercise in rhyming, I wish I had better things to say but I can’t find the silver lining. I guess I need to work on my attitude, need to exercise gratitude so I’m not always whining. All this grinding, business meetings and contract signing, yeah we’re making more money but what are we really finding? Does truth not matter? What about all the functions that are installed in our greet matter? We live through tragedies and dreams that are shattered, broken in to pieces that the world tries to scatter. We suffer and we dwell in the pain, only end up feeling sadder. We receive wide advice but only end up getting madder. Some of us live in the moment, others plan to forever climb a ladder, up to the top of the world, higher up than the purest shatter. Concentrate. Attention spans decreasing, can’t concentrate. Constant technological stimulus crippling our ability to contemplate. To reflect and to realize. We only see the physical but we don’t exercise seeing with out real eyes. Relativity, truth seems to be what we want it to be. Inactivity, stuck in the house with nowhere else to be. But I still suspect that hope isn’t completely lost. We can make a change, but the more we wait the higher the cost. Stream of consciousness, I don’t know if I’m getting any point across, but this is just my mind, doing what I do, writing rhymes, attempting to find a bridge to cross. To where, I don’t know, but I feel like going. I feel like moving, I feel like feeling the rhythm and grooving, I feel like truly knowing. Instead of feeling confused, in a world of abusers and the abused, of people who feel like they have nothing left to lose. I’m already crazy, I don’t follow the collective opinion, so I might as well continue loosing the screws. Life can hurt, but I have to learn to heal quickly from whatever bruise. I’m not pessimistic, I know that in life we have the right to choose, but it just seems like in the test of life there’s more false then trues. Duality. The blues inspired the blues, now we jam to the emotions, music can have us feeling deeper than the ocean. Fuck all the commotion, I rhyme because rap is poetry in motion. Vibration, words that can uplift like levitation, we all do what we can and what we enjoy, or at least we try, before we die and head to our next destination. So don’t think too much, just do what you do, like I’m doing now, otherwise you’ll be stuck in procrastination. Your time will come, so just wait patient.

much love

~ rebel eye

DAY 21 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)


It’s a shame to see people dumbing themselves down because they are not confident in themselves. Whenever we allow insecurities to stop us from moving forward with life we are robbing ourselves of the precious gift which was granted to us since birth, to feel the magic of being unique, of being an essential and integral part of the whole of life. No one is bigger or smaller in the plan of life, since we are all emanated Light from the oneness of the universe, we are all direct descendants of God, created in the Divine image. Whenever we give up on our dearest dreams due to doubt and fear, whenever we compromise our values in order to please ungrateful people, whenever we choose to do nothing and waste our potential rather than to face some adversity, some ridicule and jealousy, what we are doing is refusing the wonderful blessings which are inherently ours. We must all be grateful for advice from our elders, from parents and wise teachers, from gurus or well-meaning friends and relatives, but we must also use discrimination in every situation in order to discern what, out of the message which has been imparted to us by whoever it may be, actually serves us and what will hinder us if we apply it into our lives. That is what we must preserve, and the rest we can dispose of for the moment after minor analyzation. See, we all think we know what is best for each other. What we often don’t see is that there may be many factors which influence our opinion on what is best for everyone. What one individual believes he has realized without a doubt from direct experience of his own life, by dissecting the events of his life and interpreting the minutest detail, can be the complete opposite idea of another individual’s entire philosophy of life. Both believe that their belief is justified because of what they have been through, both are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that they are correct in their analysis of life. But both are taking into account only limited data. A person who is much older may have more experience living life than someone who is younger, but do they have more experience being young in the present era? Being young now is not the same as being young was one hundred years ago, or even fifty or twenty years ago. Parents believe they always know what is best for their children, and most times they do (when it comes to certain things), but it is not always the case. Even if a parent is conscious of the fact that life consists of both pain and pleasure, and that their child might become a better person if they suffered through some pain of their own, they will still do anything in their power not to allow their child to experience pain. Such parents believe they are doing the right thing by not allowing their children to live through the conditions they lived through. However, balance is the key to everything in life. A child who grows up completely sheltered from society, locked in his home, and brought up by parents who directly or indirectly instill in him the notion that everyone is untrustworthy is bound to grow up to believe that everyone is a threat that should be treated with suspicion, that everyone is untrustworthy and that the world is a hostile place that is best avoided. Even if this hateful concept of trusting no one is not embedded in the child, he may still be forever shy and terrified of expressing his opinions in a social setting even if he wishes to do so. A sheltered lifestyle has rendered the child socially awkward, a problem that could be solved but is instead worsened since his anxiety levels just keep on rising with every interaction. Insecurities are prison bars to keep us locked in our minds. They are often deliberately placed in our minds by abusive people and by media programming. Girls who are of perfectly good size are made to feel like twigs when they look at magazine models, normal adolescents are made to feel powerless and petty when they watch rap music videos glamorizing promiscuous sex, dangerous drugs and flaunting material possessions like cars, liquor bottles and dollar bills. It is a socially acceptable stereotype that women need to spend hours on makeup every morning before they are free to go anywhere. Is anyone locking them inside so that they can’t go out and interact in the world? Yes, of course, they are prevented from escaping by the prison bars of insecurity in their mind. Some hate themselves and are unable to forgive or let go of a distant past, and so they drown their insecurities in alcohol or heavy doses of hard drugs. A beginning alcoholic has just figured out that he needs to get wasted at every party in order to even talk to people. Having no greater goal in life, he feels satisfied and thus, a life of addiction begins. If he ever puts the bottle down many years later he will come to realize that he has wasted many years of his life, as well as much of his health and money, on petty pleasures with people who don’t actually give a damn. He might notice that some are now dead from an overdose or collision, some are in jail, and some are still living the party lifestyle as if everything was fine, aging, refusing commitment to anything worthwhile, wasting away their potential to thrive, to do something more than just surviving and wasting space. Insecurity is the root of all this. We waste our lives away because of insecurity. We would rather live mediocre lives of transient thrills, than to face the hard knocks of life, to face rejection and ridicule, with the faith that one day we will finally taste sweet victory. Don’t let the world bring you down, learn from your life and those of others, but don’t let all of the information that’s out there overwhelm you and prevent you from trusting yourself and offering the world whatever you have been blessed with.

much love

~ rebel eye

The brain as a filtering mechanism for reality.



As individuals on this planet, we all experience reality from our own level of perception and understanding, and from this we conclude that reality is not a fixed truth, but rather subjective, depending on each person’s view on various aspects of existence. This means that two people standing side by side can be experiencing completely different worlds while standing no more than a meter away from each other. Indeed, this is so on a merely mental level, since the non-stop, limited thoughts and ideas of our egos prevent us from ever joining in unison as an entire species. However, this is not to say that we are each floating in our own bubble of reality and are completely separate from everyone and everything else either. There definitely is one Absolute Truth behind the universe, the world, and all that we call reality; and there is undoubtedly one single Divine energy, fragmented into endless bodily incarnations. By Divine, I mean that the energy which pervades everything that exists emanates from God himself.

Since we as spiritual beings have been placed in this material world for whatever reason, the fact is that we must survive; and so that we might survive in the face of destruction, which takes place every day in our planet, we have been gifted with a wonderful instrument called the brain. The brain, as great as it may be as a tool for physical survival, is actually a filter which prevents us from seeing every single perspective there really is to see when it comes to any given situation. We cannot perceive all these perspectives because their understanding lies in facts beyond what our brain perceives, both within and without us. This is, in fact, an incomplete version of complete reality.

huxley.jpgAldous Huxley proposed this fascinating idea in his book The Doors of Perception, suggesting that the brain is actually a filtering mechanism which decides what parts of complete reality are relevant to our current situation and needed for survival, and basically blinds us from everything else which does not fit this purpose. This means that the brain was primarily designed to deal with material existence, by processing complete reality, which cannot be seen through any one man’s personality or bias, and presenting us with an incomplete version of reality which only includes the details the brain deems necessary for our current, physical survival. This version of reality is the finished product, so to speak; the rendered version of reality that we see with our eyes. As has been scientifically observed, when one uses psychedelic drugs, there is actually less activity in the brain, as opposed to more. This is not what one might normally expect when one considers the overwhelming and even frightful images or dream-like thoughts that one experiences during a psychedelic trip. This peculiarity was precisely what led Huxley to his hypothesis of the brain being a filtering mechanism. How could the brain produce such an altered state of consciousness by using less of its own activity?


The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell, by Aldous Huxley

It is logical to assume that these realities which we experience when we relax the use of our brains do not come from the realm of mind at all, but from the spiritual dimensions which are all around us yet invisible to us. The idea is that psychedelic drugs, as well as other methods such as fasting and meditation, lead us to these mystical experiences since they temporarily weaken the filter, or brain, which prevents all these aspects of reality to be perceived during daily, sober existence. This does make a lot of sense to anyone who believes that there is some sort of spiritual reality beyond this material existence and our senses. If there is truly more to life than what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, then perhaps the brain really is the thing that prevents us from seeing all there is to see, or hearing all there is to hear, and with good reason at that.

Although experiences such as occasional psychedelic trips and fasting can be extremely beneficial to spiritual awakening and complete consideration of the mystery of life, can you imagine living every day of your life in an acid trip? Comically, we might joke around about what bliss it would be if we could live free of responsibilities, wandering up and down the bright landscapes of such an altered dimension forever; but the fact is that we would not be able to lead so-called “normal” or productive lives, as I believe is something most experienced psychonauts can agree upon. Just contemplate how time and space are described by spiritual masters to be illusory aspects of the physical world. Is it a coincidence that a small dose of psychedelics can make us forget about our schedule, and a large dose has the miraculous ability to completely alter our sense of space, not to mention making time completely disappear as if it were such an irrelevant and insignificant thing?

Mystical experiences can give us a glimpse of divine gnosis, but eventually we must come back to our material reality and put what we have learned to use, finding creative ways in which we can contribute to the well-being of other sentient beings in any way we can. If we do not put acquired knowledge to good use, it is just that; knowledge, with no purpose. However, when we start to actively seek opportunities to use what we have learned in order to promote positivity in our environment, what we are doing is allowing ourselves to constantly surrender to wisdom, allowing it to speak from our true Self, the reflection of God, and to build strength of character within us. Such is the way in which Divine wisdom begins to show us the right path to walk, refining every aspect of our character. It is very true that knowledge is definitely important, and it is even synonymous with power according to the famous Albert Einstein quote, but ultimately it is wisdom which allows us to use the knowledge we have acquired in intelligent ways, ways that can inspire, build and contribute to civilization. Never stop learning, but never become so immersed in your learning that you overlook the wisdom you can build by applying your knowledge to reality.



The Silence within the Self.



“In silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else present, you are getting in tune with existence.”

~ Osho (1931-1990)

Often times silence speaks louder than a thousand words.
Silence can be sleep, it can be a dream. It can be a daydream.
Silence can be deep meditation or introspection, or it can be a subtle representative of a profound sense of awe that has effectively rendered one speechless. Silence can even signal pain, disregard or disrespect for another. Silence can mean someone is at the brink of despair and sees no use for speaking, being so stuck in the troubles of his or her own mind.

Our topic today focuses, however, upon a very positive kind of silence; in fact it is the most positive kind of silence there is, Divine silence. The silence mentioned by Osho in the aforementioned quote is, in fact, that kind of silence, the silence we find within when we practice various forms of meditation, or when we practice identifying more and more with our true awareness rather than with our mind’s thoughts and ideas. This silence contains occult wisdom in itself, since this Divine silence is the silence of the Self, and the Self is in turn a reflection of the Almighty God who created all there is. In other words, we (our true Selves) were made in God’s image, as a reflection of such a great power, and this silence which we find within, represents the nature of each one’s individual Self. It represents some of the good attributes of God, which are also found in the Self as a reflection of God; namely, tranquility, peace, clarity, bliss and wisdom.

When we set out to find the wisdom contained in us in spiritual form, we create this conscious shift in our being, replacing mental chatter, worry and anxiety, which lead to extreme stress, physical illness and an overall unsatisfactory life experience, and we begin to discover the immense benefits of identifying with the silence of the Self, rather than the noise of the ego, or man’s carnal nature, which resembles a toddler who will not, by any means, stop whining in a very loud and obnoxious way until he gets exactly what he wants. Such are the characteristics of the ego inside of man, burning with selfish, lustful desires which are bound to corrupt even the most righteous of persons, bringing them to certain sorrow and grief if followed. In contrast, the silence we refer to resembles babies at the moments in which they are exploring our diverse world for the first time, crawling around in this strange new land, adventuring into the unknown. One need not try too hard in order to notice their pure sense of wonder and amazement, of awe and “holy curiosity” for the miracle of life, as Einstein mentioned.


Babies stare perplexed at us and at the objects around them, intrigue written on their innocent little faces. One cannot help but notice that they are happy merely to be alive, and to be a part of the Divine order of existence. Babies are not afflicted by the incessant fears and ambitions that haunt us adults as though they were real demons, which lead some of us to commit crimes or act out, succumb to severe anxiety or chronic depression, or even take our own lives. Our planet is in urgent need of people with holy curiosity. We must aspire to be holy, righteous, selfless, pure, wise, and all other attributes of goodness, for this is the nature of the spirit in us, the true Self. Selfishness, lust, greed, envy, hate; this is the carnal nature of the mind, a physical organ with ingrained survival instincts.

We must gradually learn to keep the desires of the mind in check, and learn to distinguish between the desires of the mind and the advice of the Self. When we become such inspired, awe-struck children again, that we cannot succumb to temptation, because we feel a deep conviction to shining the light of wisdom that is within, then we are making progress, stepping into the silence that allows us to make the right decision, free of mind’s doubts and insecurities. Humanity must interpret the world anew, as if reborn, in order to see the beauty which is all around us, which our mind loses interest in over many years of social conditioning in our modern system of life. Although this is often so, it is definitely possible to tune back into our Self. In times of violence and corruption as we see in our present day, it is essential that the wise person take his or her responsibility to life and to our planet seriously, and decides it is time to start living life in a more mature manner, a wiser manner. Let us all then train our minds, in order that they may obey when we request silence of them, so that we may take some time to tune in to our Self, our spirit, and receive the wisdom of God in our lives.