1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 5: Personality, Truth & Love.

It is interesting to think about which traits of a person might be a part of his or her personality, and which might be part of something innate and belonging to the very soul of the individual. Love is unconditional because it is created in those moments in which we are truly ourselves, in those moments when we dare to be vulnerable in front of those who love us and who we also need and love and cherish. Life is about communication and honesty, and we owe our loved ones the right to know the truth about who we are and what drives us in this life. We were all born into this life with an inherent purpose, an ultimate goal we must reach, a mission we must fulfill. We are all meant to play our role in the unfolding of consciousness, in the transforming and transmuting process of all that is, otherwise we would not be alive to experience this moment. There is not a single one of us who is indispensable. Truly understanding this, a wise friend or lover strives to support the soul of the beloved, that part within the other person who is actually the lover, the part within both of them which is the same, the part which unites them beyond logic and reason, beyond body and mind, ultimately beyond all duality. As this is the basis of all love, this is the basis of the soul, or the spirit. And as the spirit is based on, and a direct reflection and image of God, then we can conclude that the spirit is love itself. When we decide to love and support another person, we accept them with their flaws and we do our best to facilitate the processes that drive their lives forward. We can no longer hate them or devalue them, or see them as inferior to us, because we are completely aware, beyond a shadow of doubt, that all these people are an extension of us. That you are extension of me and I am an extension of you. I cannot harm myself without harming you if you truly love me, and vice-versa. We are tied together by love, a bond that cannot be broken once it is divinely blessed. When we are able to put our own selfish desires aside for love, when we are fully ready to sacrifice ourselves for another, this is when we transcend the petty complex of the ego which has kept us confined for so long. This is when we connect with the collective soul within us all, with the spirit which is love itself. Once we have known someone, once we have loved and appreciated them and supported them through their struggles, we cannot turn our back on them when they need us most. We all make mistakes, but we are also all capable of forgiveness, and we should forgive by any means as long as we have the power and self-control to do so. We all do, of course, but it lies hidden under piles of garbage for most people, garbage which has piled up since decades ago, from all sorts of rotten sources. It is never impossible for someone who understands this great truth of the collective spirit to make another understand it as well. The connection between souls is millions of times stronger than any form of energy known to man. When we are prepared to unconditionally love someone, it is because we are allowing our soul to shine through and to manifest. We should spread this love whenever possible, as it is the main healing force of this world. After all, a soul without love would rather not be, and in fact cannot be. Just the same, love without soul can be nothing more then a cheap imitation. Soul love is forever, it is true and it is loyal, it is ready to give up pleasure for the beloved, it can be seen in families, such as the love of a mother or a father towards their children, and occasionally children towards their parents. Life is about learning to fall into the flow of the universe, about falling in love with the little things, about cherishing the subtle sensations of peace that come from the simple pleasures. Words are used to convey abstract meanings, and over time we come to believe we know what the words mean. Another way to look it at is to see that the words of the language we speak really create the ideas we choose to communicate, and even those we keep private. Babies know no words. I wonder what would happen if a baby grew up with no communication or language learning whatsoever. How would this situation affect their development as adolescents, and how would this in turn create the men or women they would grow to be? Would they act more like animals than like people, would they be less civilized? Don’t a lot of people act a lot like animals nowadays anyway, even fully “civilized” people? Do babies act like animals? Babies are one group in society from which we can learn a lot of things actually. Babies do not act like animals, for the most part. They cry and yell simply because they have no method of expression which they can use to convey their meanings, such as language. My belief is that babies definitely do not act like animals, and in fact they might be some of the most “civilized” among us. It is only when babies grow up that they develop the capacity to act like animals towards their fellow human beings. So, would a group of people who never learn to communicate then act like animals if they grew in such a way? The reason I ask myself this question is because it is only when we think we know something that we reject everything seemingly contrary to what we believe to be the truth. Can there be more than one truth to anything? There is only One Absolute Truth, and it is when it is expressed, or attempted to be expressed by words that it becomes a cause of suffering, or rather a cause for much suffering to believers and non-believers alike. 

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 6.

~ Rebel Spirit.

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