DAY 3 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)

Writing 1000 words, day 3. Free flow. It’s late, only an hour and a half left until 12am. Throw on a relaxing 432Hz mix by OneMindUniverse, a mix I’m super familiar with, to help me concentrate on my writing. I’m trying to allow whatever needs to come out of me to flow onto this blog post. I got so many things on my mind at any given time, it can’t be that I have nothing to write. Something that’s weighing heavy on my mind lately is a deep sadness surrounding the violence and injustice, the crazy amounts of cruelty that go on in this world of ours, which is especially targeted towards those who clearly have no way to defend themselves. My wife’s good friend was recently murdered in Honduras, my native country. I just got back here from a long stay there two years ago, as a matter of fact, when my wife and I were married there. The news reports about our friend’s murder state that she was killed by a Canadian who was in Honduras, and who she was working for, providing translation services. The coincidence is trippy because, although I was originally born in Honduras, my parents moved here to Canada when I was ten, so of course I came along. It wasn’t until much later, when I returned to Honduras, that I would meet my amazing wife Maria, who is also from Honduras, and we would fall madly in love! I couldn’t imagine ever hurting her, something happening to her is probably my worst nightmare, so hearing about this similar yet completely different situation completely breaks my heart. What I mean is, a Canadian visitor meeting a girl in Honduras. Of course, maybe the situation was different, maybe they didn’t take time to get to know each other like we did, otherwise maybe she would have noticed some red flags about this guy. There’s no turning back time though. Maria’s friend Rixy was a hardworking woman, and she will leave behind three orphan children. My wife is a very sentimental and emphatic person and she is devastated by these news, and we are planning to help her children out in whatever ways we can moving forward. The strange thing about everything is that, although the initial police and news report mentioned that her body was found at this Canadian visitor’s house and had signs of blows to the body and head, the forensic officer later stated there were no signs of violence present. This is all super fishy, and in a country such as Honduras, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there was some kind of corruption going on. Foreign money is worth a lot more there, and police and government can easily be bought, it’s just something everyone knows, sort of like a joke. Anyway, I guess one can only leave it all up to God at this point, which I intend to do, and I truly I hope that justice will be served. It’s extremely really sad how little some people value human life. It was crazy seeing videos of loads of people marching through the streets of the small village of Trujillo to protest her death, to demand justice. She will be missed by a lot of people. I wasn’t exactly very close to her, but from the few times we met she always seemed like a great person, super friendly and humble, a hard worker doing her best to move along with her small children, even in a country such as Honduras where resources are severely lacking. On top of everything a woman in a country like that has to worry about, here comes a man who isn’t even from there, and all of a sudden just beats her to death and takes her life away at only thirty years old, leaving her poor children all alone growing up in a third world country where no one gives a crap. Well, in reality no one gives a crap anywhere, but in an underdeveloped country there is truly no help to find anywhere, there’s nowhere to even look. It’s even common knowledge that the police can’t be trusted at all, and the government and politicians are the worst. It’s so sad to me how evil people can be, how little regard for another human’s life some people can have, how some men can beat women up, knowing they’re stronger than them, knowing they’re supposed to protect them in any way they can, not hurt them and abuse them. Some cultures even glorify this kind of behavior, look at people like super loser Andrew Tate for example. Materialistic people who think that money can buy respect. People who know what life is truly about have no respect for these kinds of people, no matter how much money they might have, no matter what kind of fancy lifestyle they may showcase for the world to see. Hopefully when I truly make it with this music, or YouTube or writing or whatever it may be, I’ll finally have the chance to help a lot of people back home who are desperately in need, like the kids who used to come up to me as I walked down the street, asking for a lempira (5 cents of a dollar) or a bit of food. I can’t wait to be able to help Maria’s family as well as my own, the ones who are still back home, so they don’t have to live in such a dangerous place anymore, so they can have more opportunities, since I know them and I know they’re hard working people who excel at whatever they do. One quickly finds there’s no better way to carry oneself back in Honduras, you have to do what you have to do to get by, and crime isn’t a reasonable option because gang life is truly nothing to play with over there, once you’re in there’s no getting out alive. One time my buddy Danny, who’s from the States, and I were almost killed back in Honduras just because of our tattoos, because everything has a meaning over there, and we forgot we weren’t back in the States or Canada. We were kind of forgetful since we had done a bit of smoking and drinking, so we were being loud and stupid. We were saved since some of our tatties were in English, and we were speaking English to them to prove our innocence. What I’m trying to say is it’s a jungle out there fam, and although I love my birthplace to death, I’m grateful to God, and to my parents who brought me here when I was a kid, for the opportunity to be sitting in this room right now, working on my writing and on my music in Surrey, BC, Canada. Yeah, yeah, Surrey gets a bad rep, and there’s definitely safer places in Canada, even in BC, but there’s just no comparison between here and Central America.

Stay tuned for Day 4 of 1000 words from my mind.

Much love fam

~ rebel eye (eli)


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