DAY 22 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)

Communication is the key to life. It’s only through proper communication that we can form connections and bonds with others, that we can accurately express ourselves and allow others to express themselves to us. Too often we are so caught up in our own ideas and beliefs, we close ourselves off from listening to others, therefore we can’t grow. These days, we have so many different ways of communicating, we don’t even need to see or hear each other. We have phone calls and text messages so we can communicate instantaneously, so we could say that communication has evolved and become more efficient, but has it really improved overall? Are we really more connected these days than we were back in the day when we didn’t have such devices to ease communication? I don’t really know, so it’s just a question to put out there, an idea. Yes, things like text can have us communicating with each other faster, but emotions that go along with our words can’t be transmitted properly in such a way. Sarcasm might be taken as serious and vice versa. We can type whatever we want these days and face no accountability. Would we say the same things in real life to people’s faces? Friends meet up every once in a while yet they might be constantly checking their phones, communicating with others at the same time. Family members in the same house contact each other through text rather than walking to each other’s rooms. Convenience seems to be the greatest thing we can achieve, but are we keeping track of everything we’re losing as we merge with technology more and more each day? Too often we’re so caught up in the emotions that come along with novelty, we don’t notice what we’ve lost until so much time has passed, until maybe generations later. With every good comes some evil, it’s just the dual nature of this world we live in, so again, I can’t say whether all this convenience is ultimately good or bad. I mean, it’s definitely important to be able to call a doctor when we’re in a medical emergency, to be able to call 911 if we’re in danger, it’s great to be able to keep in touch with our family members and friends who are scattered across the globe. Would we be able to live without these things? How did people deal with life before this? It would be pretty rough for us to return to such a state, so I’m not saying that we need to do away with modern technology, it’s just that everything in life requires balance, and unfortunately, we are becoming unbalanced. We have merged with technology to the point that we can connect with anyone, anywhere, but what about the connection that has been with us all along, the invisible connection between human beings, the light that shines within us all? If we stay inside, if we stay connected to our computers, to the internet, if we stop going out into the world and actually interacting with people, then that light will surely die. Technology is amazing to have, but we don’t need to be using it 24/7. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are just super comfortable with technology, more so than they are with people. The possibilities of what we can do with technology seem endless, and it’s easy to distract ourselves with it. Communication is key in every aspect of life, in relationships, in business, in showing the world who we truly are and finding the experiences that were meant for us. We don’t know how much we’re missing out on because we fail to properly communicate our deepest desires, our fears and our dreams. We are afraid to be vulnerable, and understandably so, but closing ourselves off from others is not the answer either. Technology allows us to hide behind a screen, whether it’s a phone or TV or a computer, we are either consuming some fantasy reality, or we are creating a new reality, maybe a video or a song, or writing a story or a blog post such as this. Yes, I’m trying to get a message across, I’m communicating with whoever will read this, but are we likely to ever meet each other? Would we even want to? It’s easy to agree with the ideas of strangers on the internet, or to argue against their ideas, but in life it can often be very different. As we get to know other people more, without even realizing it we begin projecting images onto them, images than can distort the meaning of what we’re trying to get across. This is why communicating on the internet is easier, or at least more comfortable. I truly believe that we as a species are losing our abilities of communicating properly, since these days, a lot of people can’t handle any sort of confrontation, even peaceful debate, and if anyone even brings up an idea of something that sounds like it might go against their own ideas, even if it’s just brought up as a subject of debate and not explicitly confirmed, they quickly start working to silence that person, to cancel them even. How can communication not degrade between human beings if we can’t even express ourselves without fear of being silenced? We really need to reflect on this, and we need to be more open to people’s ideas without fear. Lies will always be exposed in the end, and the truth will eventually triumph, so we don’t need to try to defend it by silencing others. If you are that afraid of someone else’s ideas then maybe there’s something you’re trying to hold on to without really thinking critically about. So many people find comfort in their ideas and beliefs, so having them challenged leads to an existential crisis, wondering who they even are. They have turned their beliefs into their identity, so they cease to even act as rational, free-thinking human beings, becoming defenders of ideas, ready to attack real breathing, living, thinking, feeling people in order to defend their ideas.

much love

~ rebel eye

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