DAY 17 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)


It’s time to take control of your life and be who you were meant to be. It’s time to let go of old attachments, to let go of all insecurities and doubts; life is simply too short to spend it crying over spilled milk. What’s done is done, it is what it is. I have to remind myself of that every so often, even if I did rap that song back in 2012, ten years ago now. The time is now, there is no other time. The past has gone and it’ll never return. It exists only in our minds, only for us to learn from it, so we can outgrow it. Every day the memory becomes more blurry though, our own stories slowly start fading away as we fill our minds with so many other things, whether we like it or not, all kinds of things we really don’t need. Does the mind have a limit? Does it start deleting files as new ones are saved into it? I’m sure science has some kind of answer for that, or thinks it does, yet I won’t be bothered to look it up right now. I steered away from my original train of thought, so let me get back on track. What I was about to say was that, every day our memories become blurrier, we forget little details about the past, about ourselves. Therefore, it seems to me like the longer we spend analyzing the past, the more likely it is for us to look at it in error, since all the small details are blurred out. We might even start adding in details that weren’t even there. We can’t learn correctly from a distorted image of the past, so it’s just not worth analyzing for too long. At some point we need to accept the lesson we’ve learned and continue moving forward. It can be difficult because, if we don’t accept the lesson, we keep trying to think our way around it to find something else, and we never move past that. Living in the past is a recipe for depression. Consumed by the could haves, the would and should haves, we regret everything that we’ve done, as well as everything we haven’t done. We fail to see that it was all meant to be, for it all shaped who we are today. Whether we’re good or bad today, just that lesson in itself is powerful enough, because it lets us see that, we can take control of our lives once again, we can start manifesting a better life into existence at this exact moment, by visualizing what we want, putting the work in and staying consistent. There’s no use in holding on to past mistakes as if they should prevent us from succeeding today. There’s no use in holding on to shame and guilt, to fear and hate, because we are what we think. As above, so below, as within so without. The true essence of what is within us manifests into our outer reality, so if we’re always thinking about negative things from the past because we can’t break free, then we’ll keep on running into the same scenarios. A simple example is that if we’re in a bad mood, we’re more likely to have people treat us badly. If we’re in a happy, cheerful mood then most others will reciprocate that energy as well. I know this from many years of call center experience… Unfortunately one can’t always be super cheerful sounding, but I do try to at least be polite and try to help as much as possible, exactly because of this, because energy is contagious. We never know how much a bit of positive energy might influence someone else’s life, therefore impacting whoever they interact with in their own lives. It’s a snowball effect, and I’m not claiming I’m perfect in the least, because sometimes I do fail at transmitting the exact energy I wish I always could, so for sure it’s easier said than done, but at least I’m aware of it and of the things that prevent me from being the best I can be, so that I can get to work on those things. Knowledge of self is the key, and the fact is that if we want to make a change in the world we need to start with changing ourselves. Even the best of us have things we need to work on, to improve on. Life is a constant learning experience, and as soon as we think we have it all figured out something happens to make us aware that we don’t. So again, it’s time to take control of your life and do what needs to be done. No more time for hesitating or procrastinating, it’s time to act. This is basically a letter to myself, to be honest, but I share it with the world because I know that the same applies to all of us. We all hold infinite potential within, to better ourselves as well as the world we live in, we just need to realize that, then to make a plan and to act on it, to stay consistent. This will also keep us from dwelling on the past, since we simply won’t have time. We’ll be more productive and likely to accomplish something, instead of spending time reliving the past in our minds, overanalyzing all kinds of situations. Presence is a skill everyone should practice. After all, we are not our thoughts, but rather the consciousness that thinks them, just as we are not our feelings or emotions either. If we can control our awareness and prevent it from becoming distracted with whatever new thing that comes up, that’s how we know we’re truly in control of ourselves, and of our lives. Having a set goal as well as discipline and consistency goes a long way in helping us achieve this. I haven’t always been great at this, but that’s exactly why I know how important it is to be present. It’s definitely something I’m trying to practice in daily life as much as I can, because I know how much stress I can save myself if I stick it out, and because I know it’s the right thing in the end.

much love

~ rebel eye

1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 39: Mental Manipulation.

Minds are misled by mess media manipulation. Sex and violence sell successfully across the radio station. Across the TV sets and the tablets. Feelings of having not escape, like a bad trip, seem to plague us all. The tower we’ve been building is about to fall. Will the world end in fire, upon hearing God’s call? Or will it continue on, indefinitely marching on, always to a different song? Examine the signs of the times, history is always in the making. Petty pleasures and pains petrify us, they put us in the perfect position to become followers of petty philosophies that carry us far away from the paths we would choose to roam. We don’t know who we are, we don’t know what’s home, we never feel at home. Restless, reckless and regretting most of what we do, finding we have been living a lie, now we’ve gotta see the consequences through. Those who don’t wish us well, we must not be blind to. Yet we must not live in fear of them. We must remain grounded in the Now, in the right here. Preoccupation with the secret powers that run the nation, the corporations and the new world order organizations, the conspiracies and the facts, what good can they do for us, in our own lives? We must be aware that there are many who are committed to keeping us down. For a few to remain at the top, the many at the bottom must suffer quite often. When money is the motivation, when consumer culture is deified by society, products are now seen as necessities, since we feel all kinds of doubts and insecurities. We use the system as a crutch, and we shy away from anything that threatens our financial security. We live for status, for a title or a name to represent, to have a name that means something to people. We’ve all been manipulated into thinking this all matters much more than it really does. The best things in life truly are free, and the best of the best can be found within ourselves, and in others, when we know how to inspire the best in them, or when they can inspire themselves. Inspiration lives at the heart of all human beings, but it’s necessary for us to have an understanding of it. The struggle of life is real, and pretending that it isn’t, and making a commitment of living the life of someone who’s given up on life, simply isn’t going to make reality go away. We must all find our inspiration to live life. Although we live in a messed up world where people want to keep us shackled, we can never act as if we are victims of the system. Although much suffering is endured by us all due to the way things are, we have no one really to blame but ourselves, as humanity, as a collective force on this planet. At the heart of the issue however, there is no one to really blame, no reason to seek blame and to cause feeling of guilt. Each one of us must take full responsibility for his or her life, and must come to terms with the cold, hard fact that everything, absolutely everything, I do will be the cause of one or more effects, everything will have a consequence, will change me as well as the world around me and beyond in one way or another. We need to break free of the programming that has been injected into our minds, of the garbage which is stored up in our psyche, of the putrefaction that’s building up as all the new garbage mounts up on top of the older garbage. The rotting garbage mixes, and toxic thoughts invade an otherwise peaceful state of mind. Seemingly out of nowhere, evil thoughts or restless and bothersome feelings arise, with great persistence, afflicting the conscience, with no clear or apparent reason. The effects of our thoughts, consciously and subconsciously connecting within our brains, we cannot see. But these events are taking place, the computer which you carry in your head is always processing all kinds of data, sensory data, spiritual data, always creating new connections and shaping new pathways for energy to move through. I’m not an expert on the matter, but it blows my mind. The sophisticated way it all runs, the mind is a complex but marvelous machine, not created by human hands. We must understand it and keep it free of as much garbage as possible, we must not abuse it, we must use it as the tool that it is, to facilitate us in reaching the ultimate goal in life, not our ultimate goal necessarily, but The ultimate goal of total union with the divine. As we even begin to the develop the basic requirements of reason which are needed in order to even embark on such a journey, we come to a greater sense of control of our own mental faculties, we feel the deep significance of life, and we know that we are blessed to be as we are now, that at this very moment, we have a golden opportunity, perhaps the only one we’ll ever get, to live and to live better than we did yesterday, to be freer, to choose freedom instead of chains, to think and to analyze, to find the inner strength within us to be honest with ourselves, to be true with ourselves about what needs to be done, and then to be strong enough to carry it out, merging with the Divine will, understanding that there is always a much greater reward than simple pleasure in this earthly plane. Once we transcend the petty chase of pleasure, the run away as far away from possible from pain and sacrifice, then we will be ready to feel this true connection. Let us guard our minds against the attacks of those who want to turn them into consumer machines, and let us remain alert in order to seek new ways to expand our consciousness by filling our minds with the right ideas. 

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 39.

~ Rebel Spirit


1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 32: Your Body Is Your Portable Home!

Since ancient times we’ve been attempting to answer the mysteries of existence, the reason for it all and what everything means. We’ve observed and taken notes, we’ve wrote our hypotheses down for our descendants, we’ve put all our accumulated information, our knowledge, into books. Some of the information simply can’t be passed down in books, although most of it has. Many ideas are passed down, generation after generation, through the people who embody them, rather than on any piece of text. Most of us have many theories of reality, yet we’re all part of reality, we’re interwoven with it. Inseparable as we are from nature, from reality as we know it, we can’t examine it fully. We are what we eat, who we spend our time with, what we watch and hear and read, we are all of this. Beyond this we are something simple and infinite, but for the purposes of living here on this planet, during this incarnation, we basically are whatever we choose to absorb. We are the product of what we’ve chosen to consume, physically and mentally. We don’t know the details of what we eat, of what we drink. We know alcohol and cigarettes are slowly killing us, and that death might come severely and painfully, through disease. When I think back to the times when I still consumed both of these drugs, I know that I definitely didn’t have the same appreciation for life as I do now. I was an angry, rebellious teenager finding my way in the world. My reputation was important to me, and I had built it around being daring and down to do whatever, crazy. I was not truly thinking about myself, or about the people who love me, about what was best for me and the ways in which things like smoking could affect me and cause a lot of suffering to the most important people in my life down the road. My thinking was about the label that defined me, about who I thought I was, an aspiring rapper, cooler and crazier than any other. The arrogance which developed within me as I believed myself to be this character led to some really unfortunate situations. Thankfully I changed my ways before it had to come to something fatal, and I feel much more peaceful now that I’ve left that image and that whole lifestyle behind. We gain nothing from acting tough, we only close ourselves off from others, we reflect the hate and the indifference of the world, everything which is corrupting civilization. Since we can’t connect with ourselves or with others, we smoke our lives away, and we pick up a drink for the same reason, to socialize better, to lower our inhibitions. Why are we so afraid to speak our minds in the first place? Why do we need a stimulant every time we want to have a get-together with friends? Could it be that we can’t face them while sober, or that we can’t stand ourselves around them, or that we can’t stand the mere fact of being alive in this world and sharing an experience with a few other billion people? Things are too crazy to contemplate, so we smoke on, as we talk about the weather and complain about the calls during our 15-minute break? Are we all so unsatisfied that it’s too depressing to talk about what’s really on our minds? Is that why we’d rather chill with a cigarette instead, completely conscious of its contribution to our possible early death? Now that I understand how important life is, I understand that I need to take better care of my body. One’s body should never be neglected. If a so-called spiritual person neglects his body and calls it right then he is not honoring the fact, he is not appreciative of the fact, that he has a body, in order to live in this world. A home we can take with us wherever we go. If we can’t accept the now, this simple moment of just being alive, in this body, in this planet, if we can’t appreciate this and are trying to kill ourselves off in order to reach heaven or nirvana, then we have failed on our journey in the first place. We have disrespected a wonderful tool which we possess, yet without knowing who has given it to us, our body. I wonder if my lungs will have enough time to heal through the years, especially if I continue blazing, or has my previous cigarette addiction caused permanent damage? Only God knows, all I can do is hope. Time and time again, we are reminded of our inferiority, our seemingly hopeless state, lost with no clue where to go. Life feels like that sometimes, we all go through it. What happens is that we take our blessings for granted. We want things to be different in such and such way, we want to get this, or we want to avoid that. We want to control life, yet we put in no work in order to be able to do so, and even if we did it would not guarantee us that things would go according to our plans. Life is unpredictable, and it is this uncertainty which keeps us moving forward. We need to work on our attitudes in order to be ready to whether whatever storm comes our way, yet this doesn’t mean we should stop reflecting on our lives and making right decisions. We are responsible for clearing all the garbage we’ve already stored within, out of our minds. No one else will do it for us, and as long as we have so much trash in our minds, controlling us subconsciously, it will be extremely difficult for us to find the wisdom and mental clarity which are essential to living life right. None of us know anything, and life is better when we live it this way. We all specialize in one subject and we walk around as if we were the most intellectual people on the planet, we want to spread the message, to speak about what we are, the label we now identify with. What we need to do is to learn now about different ideas, to compare them to what we have learned on our own journey, to search for deeper understanding, both of similarities as well as differences. When we ignore one side of life, out of fear or aversion, we are living in ignorance. 

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 33.

~ Rebel Spirit

1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 13: Immigrating to Canada, Pressure from Parents.

I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I lived in Honduras, both in Tegucigalpa, the capital, as well as San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital, for ten years before my family immigrated to Canada. My father studied economy and received his Master’s Degree. He is a very intellectually driven man who takes pride in his understanding of the world, of business and of money. He left a job with the United Nations, working on humanitarian projects throughout my birth country of Honduras, and moved to Canada where he struggled to find work. With help from a job agency he was able to get odd jobs here and there, finally settling at a fireplace factory. Apart from having to wake up in the early cold which we wasn’t used to for a job which he was ridiculously overqualified for, my dad was also not used to carrying heavy machinery and equipment at work. A year or so after he began working there he found out he had a hernia and had to have surgery for it. Thankfully he was fine, and nowadays he has a much better job at a bank, which suits him a bit better for sure. Despite his temper, my father is really someone I greatly admire due to his determination to make ethical decisions in life. My father believes in doing everything right, in the way it needs to be done. Growing up I always wondered why I was so different from my father, but lately I’ve been having epiphanies which clearly show me just how similar we both are. We both have crazy ideas of unique projects. We both enjoy speaking to people and can talk non-stop when it comes to a topic we are passionate about. My dad is sort of extreme in a way, something I never wanted to admit for myself but which I need to come to terms with now. He tells me not to wear a beard when I fly so I don’t get seen as a threat, yet he wore a long beard when he was younger too. He tells me to play it safe and to study hard to have a promising career, to dedicate myself to it in order to get a head start while I’m still young, yet he left his home country in order to find his own way when he was young as well. That’s what led him up to his meeting with my mother, in the country of Honduras where my two brothers and I were all born. My mother’s family moved here from Nicaragua due to the Sandinista revolution which took place decades ago. My mother is a saint. She is a devoted follower of Christ and the Bible and she sacrificed much time apart from her work to make sure that we learn Biblical morals as well as practiced what we needed to know for school and did our homework. She always told me (and still does) that I have great potential which I waste by deciding to do things in a mediocre way. I never argued because I couldn’t deny it. I was never a big fan of school. As I started hanging out with my friends I started ignoring all the great times I had with my parents growing up and all they sacrificed for my brothers and I. My father always spoke to me in his native Portuguese so I was able to gain a fairly fluent understanding of it growing up. When I traveled to Brazil on my own for the larger part of a year I finally got some street practice, and I really felt free speaking Portuguese, I was feeling the Brazilian vibes. While in Rio, I was amazed at how hot it was, even hotter than San Pedro Sula in Honduras. While in Brazil, I first stayed in Sao Paulo at the home of a good family friend who I had never met, an old friend of my father who is a Baptist church pastor. He’s a sympathetic guy and he gave me some good life advice and treated me as his son while I was there. I’ve noticed that throughout life I’ve received such respectful treatment from many individuals as a result of their deep admiration for my father. For this reason I sometimes feel ashamed with my own performance in life thus far. I feel the pressure of great expectations which my parents have for me. If they were careless or irresponsible parents I never would have felt so guilty for going astray from their teachings. One of the saddest feelings of my life has been that of not being able to properly connect with my parents. Their religious beliefs make them very close minded when it comes to anything spiritual. It was only in recent years, once my dad started attending a Kabbalah class at the synagogue he is attending, that he began investigating deeper into mysticism and the idea that maybe things are a lot deeper than he had thought they were. For many years now he has considered himself a Jew, and has wanted to influence my brothers and I into undergoing complete conversion to Judaism, which he believes to be the true path to God. My mother is quite convinced with Jesus Christ’s promise of salvation for those who believe and pray in His name. She doesn’t feel the need for us to further investigate into the nature of God or the universe, and her closed mindset to these sorts of concepts bother my father and lead to great discord. But if their belief in God leads to discord whenever expressed between the two, then is it really serving its purpose at all? Spirituality is not something exclusive which can be taken up and dropped as a habit or custom can. Spirituality is everything, it is the essence of who we are. It is not a philosophical label or a religious sect, it is the realization that we are spiritual beings and that there is a spiritual purpose and significance to everything that happens, to every physical phenomenon. Spirituality means having a deeper connection to the true causes of things, to the nature of the effects and which causes they come from. Spirituality means balancing what needs to be done on this Earth with the time we need to spend contemplating heavenly concepts. Spirituality is balance in all aspects of life. A spiritual life is one which is well balanced and allowed to flourish, a life which is not lived for the sake of fulfilling vain worldly desires, but one which is lived for the purpose of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. At least I find satisfaction in knowing that both my parents are people who are committed to living righteously; hopefully this can overcome any unreasonable habits that might come along with absolute belief in a single religion.

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 14.

~ Rebel Spirit

1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 8: Your Mind is Programmable.

Your mind is programmable, and if you are not the one programming it then best believe someone else will do it for you. As I was growing up I felt so free while I chased a reckless sense of pleasure which I hoped would never end. I chased one thrill after another until I grew weary of thrill-seeking. Even though I often felt much freedom, I realize now that I was deluding myself. I was being programmed by the thoughts and ideas of those I looked up to, and I didn’t even know why I looked up to them. I wanted to fit in, to belong. I thought I didn’t but I see that I did. I didn’t choose not to fit in, at least in my younger days. I just didn’t fit in. I felt that I was cursed, like I could never truly connect with anyone on an intimate level. I felt like there was something wrong with me, like I was just inherently worse than everyone else, different, an alien creature to be tolerated. I don’t remember when I first had this idea, but it has always been with me to some degree. I watched rappers in music videos playing around with huge stacks of money, surrounded by supermodels and shiny new sports cars, not to mention all the jewelry and expensive attire. I believed that the system was holding me back from reaching that goal which I desired so much, to be a famous writer and rapper, and to travel the world basking in the glory of my international fame. Foolish dreams, I see now. Fame is a monster which can consume one and trouble one to the core. I think I can do without fame. As for money? It is natural to live and breathe for money, to chase and to cherish it when one has no interests beyond the worldly, beyond the temporary, beyond the transient. As I’ve gradually awoken from the illusion, I find myself losing interest in money. I no longer care about it, and the thought of it incites boredom and monotony. There is no substance, no meaning, to money, yet we are constantly programmed to chase it and value it above all. The media fills us with images of what we supposedly need to look like if we are to be popular, of the things we need to have if we are to call ourselves ‘successful’. These are all lies, and no matter how well we may understand this, our mind picks up these lies and stores them in our subconscious. If a lie is listened to enough times it begins to be believed by the listener. The masters of mass advertising study the many subtle methods which can be used in order to manipulate the minds of the masses, to subconsciously suggest a product or an idea, to create the feeling for a need which was never even considered before. The media plays on our insecurities, it tells us that we need this to be cool, that we need this to be healthier, that we need this to be skinnier, that we need such a thing to be more muscular. There are masters in the field of advertising nowadays who are professionals at exploiting our desires, even the pettiest ones, and creating a market from this newly created need. What to many of us is life, what we obsess over and cry and struggle for, what we work and save up for, all that we spend the majority of our lives chasing. All of these things are just numbers, are just dollars, are simple figures to those who manufacture them. There is no difference in the way they see those who create the products, the workers, and those who consume and use the products, the general population. The corrupt system which we live in has reduced us all to figures, to numbers, to indispensable zombies to conduct their experiments on. Because we are comfortable, and because we do not want to have a nervous breakdown, we ignore this wicked state of things. We are okay with it because we do not know exactly what we are missing out on. We don’t see that the system uses its many tools to keep us confused and complacent, to keep us taking one step forward and two steps back. It does this through mental manipulation, through advertising, through product placing in TV and movies, through music and music videos, through social norms, and even through foods and products which cause lethargy and even serious health conditions. We all claim to distrust each other, and we see the rest of humanity as competitors in the game of life, we believe that we need to outsmart them in order to move forward, in order to see any progress in our lives. We are so blind that we can’t see that this is exactly the aim of those in control, of those who we really should distrust yet we blindly trust. We trust what the government approves, we trust what the doctor tell us, we trust what we see on the news, but why? Why, if we are so quick to distrust those we encounter throughout our days, are we so quick to trust those who we do not know? Why don’t we begin paying closer attention to what we are watching, to what we are listening to, to what we allow to be on around us? We must do this if we wish to be free, since no matter how sincere our intentions may be, we can never change if we continue filling our minds with garbage. The spirit is superior to the mind, but once it has a good understanding of what is beneficial and what is detrimental for the mind, it must begin the process of holding the mind subject to the necessary changes. The mind will struggle to change, and it will follow its oldest and most undesirable habits, especially if they help us cope with pain and stress. Often these habits are the very ones we wish to change in ourselves, yet the need to change stresses us our to the point that we can not control ourselves from following these destructive habits. We need to be painfully aware of the divine Spirit which we are, and the more we practice doing this the more we will be able to program our minds with positive ideas, even when surrounded by people who speak pure stupidity and ignorance. We must make our highest ideals habits within our minds, we must create healthy habits that will allow us a better quality of life in the future. When one is not sure what one stands for, one is easy to manipulate. It is then extremely easy to fall prey to whatever propaganda is stuffed into our brain, since we do not know who we are or what we are here for. The end result is that we do whatever it takes to maximize pleasure and to minimize pain, and this becomes the most dangerous habit of all. 

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 9.

~ Rebel Spirit


be yourself

Train your mind, shape it and show it the way to perform.

Preoccupy yourself with integrity of spirit, not with vanity of physical form.

Train your brain so it won’t have to strain to perceive hidden treasures.

Be an archeologist, able to acknowledge the hidden gems created under life’s pragmatic pressure.

Train your train of thought to be here, not on a distant plane.

Begin by breathing, feeling every blessing fall like refreshing rain.

Just be present in perception, guarded by divine protection.

Appreciate the awesomeness of life and its interconnection.

Be present in the moment; don’t be far away, lost in thought.

Too many of us aren’t living life because we just forgot.

How to live, love and learn: Just trust – to really live you must!

Trust in God, everything of the flesh is fated to dissolve to dust.

Sacrifice the mind’s vice, you know you can do without.

You must demolish ALL doubt. That’s what faith is all about.

Once again, learn to trust, realize you’re on the right route.

Lost and found, found by fate, driving all your demons out.

Everything is in divine order, even when you see a mess.

We are blessed but still insist on drowning in a sea of stress.

Heed my words, Breathe a breath. Life is what you make it, listen:

Everything will be alright, let me quote some words of wisdom.

Suffering is something simple since it happens to us all.

All that’s up to us is whether we get up after we fall.

Act courageously, speak, let your voice be heard.

Shine your light, through art, through verbal or written words.

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”

Speak but don’t be daunted by the mass misunderstanding.

Fools feed on folly, you just play your part, do your thing.

And live every day enveloped in magic that this moment brings.  

Mold your raw material, the substance making up your soul.

Let it go, let it shine upon your mind, the Spirit takes control.

Let your false ideas and corrupt mental conceptions burn

Leave no doubt undefeated, leave no stone unturned.

Be yourself, to the fullest extent, accept whatever consequences.

The shining soul of a soldier, sharpening your spiritual senses.

Learn to see the present as a present, a delightfully divine gift

Cherish it and share it, find a soul you can uplift.

You will find that you won’t even have to try to find the opportunity.

You’ll get plenty of chances if you walk through your community.

See, everybody’s wrong, we’re all trying to survive.

But we can heal, we can guide towards what’s real and alive.

Any chance not taken is a chance completely missed.

A life that could have been forever changed. Take that risk.

Don’t just do the right thing when it seems convenient.

We’re all under control because we’re way too lenient.

We distract ourselves to ignore any uncomfortable fact.

Wouldn’t you rather face your fears, and feel the triumph of coming out intact?

Your vision of perfection lies past your petty personality.

It’s something past prestige, reputation, title, salary.

Just dwell in your integrity, learn to be completely free.

A Rebel to the devil’s tricks, suspended in eternity.

Believing every breath is a gift from above,

Never fazed, haters hate, but lovers are bound to love.

Be open to the universe, even if you feel repressed,

Ridiculed, persecuted and stressed; nevertheless, being yourself is best.


The Magic.

the magic

There is a magic behind it all. It is an underlying power that radiates throughout creation.
This magic – so marvelous, so meaningful, so mesmerizing – this magic is the root of our existence.
I speak about the magic which is the essence of all that is, of all that moves and breathes and lives.
We can all feel or sense it in one way or another.

The magic of love, the magic of helping one another, of mutual cooperation.

The beautiful bond between brother and brother, brother and sister, sister and sister.

The faith of a friend.

The intimate union between male and female, the creation of human life as a soul is summoned from the heavenly realms into its physical duty.

This is the same magic that accompanies a serene walk at the beach, as we contemplate and give thanks for the blessings of life, the nostalgic wave of colors currently painted across the afternoon sky.

These blessings are magic: the blessing of air, the blessing of space, the blessing of peace.

I feel the magic animating my moving body as I dodge obstacles on the street.

moving on a mission, swiftly and steadily, feeling every step, being every step, I am blessed to be able to move about. The world I respect. I walk and observe and I watch and inspect.

I walk in the city, I walk in the woods. Through trails of wooden steps, and roots and branches.

Through rivers and dirt, rocks and mountainous peaks. Life’s constant rhythm got me moving my feet.

At one with nature, the sweet smell of the forest. The magic is here, the trees inhale it.

The oxygen flows, the soul is soothed, the leaves are green, and the rocks are smooth,

The magic is here, in the peace of this place. This magic is the smile that’s portrayed on every face,
Without this magic, there would be no such things as art, poetry, mysticism, philosophy.
I wonder at times, without this magic, would there still be love, would there be romance? 
This magic is untouchable, indescribable by words.

This magic leads the way to things we never imagined or heard.
This magic is our guide towards the doors of our dreams, it is the voice of intuition.
It is what unites a family, what unites brothers, sisters, true friends, lovers.

This magic is what makes a person suffer for another.
This magic keeps a nation together, it allows the worst of criminals to perform a good deed at some point in their lives, once in a while maybe, or cooperate with others to achieve their goals.
Many people have forgotten about the magic, yet they have not lost it. It can’t be lost.
The magic can never be disposed of, it can never disappear. It is everywhere, it is you.
This magic is Spirit, it is consciousness, it is goodness, it is Oneness.
This magic is the unconditional love of a mother, the purest of existing things.
The intermingling and giving way to one another of the two poles of duality, shaping reality. Pure magic.
This magic is what was, even before duality came to be. But in fact, this magic never was, it only is.
This is the magic of the moment, the magic that wipes away past pain, and fades the future from view.
The magic forces us to concentrate, to really be. It is confident and assertive. “I AM.”

How can I not be? How can we not simply be? In joy, in peace. Pure magic is what we are.
This magic is so haunting, we cannot avert our eyes. This magic is blinding, it is enchanting.
This magic is invisible, yet inexplicably real to all.

Indescribable, the feeling or thought that lingers in the back of millions of minds, minute after minute.

Moment by moment, the moment is always the present moment.
If one meditates in the moment, one clearly feels the presence of this magic within.. and without.
One can be carried away by the feeling of the breath that keeps one alive, or the pulse of the heart which shares the same duty as the breath.
One can be carried away by the breeze on a fresh summer day, becoming one with the wind.
As one loses track of time, and awareness of one’s body, one feels it. There it is.
The Magic.



Here’s a little poem I wrote about the power of prayer and peace. 

All support and feedback is appreciated! One love.

prayer post


Please pray for peace and pray for serenity.

Pray for the strength to keep your soul heavenly.

Pray to be the person who can truly love an enemy.

Pray to be a real friend, Right until the very end.

Pray past petitioning for private concerns,

Stop praying for petty passions as you watch the world burn.

We are here for a reason, every one of us, to learn.

In the great web of life, we’re all meant to take a turn.

A turn at talking, a turn at walking, a turn at laughing, a turn at crying.

A turn at birth, and as if we’re cursed, we must also all take a turn at dying.

So breathe the blessings, learn the lessons, life is too short to spend it sighing.

Become at one with the cause of all, the effect will be there’s no need for trying.

We already are the oneness behind the veil.

For that reason, anyone who knows the truth can’t fail.

Never be afraid, you know you were made to set sail

On this grand voyage, past the mirage of treacherous trail.

Don’t pray for the pressure to cease, because you need it.

Don’t pray that the problems of life will be deleted.

Just live life right, pray to be never be defeated

By temptation, an abomination, growing if you feed it.

All energy is ever-flowing, it’s the power of connection.

Pray for power to discern the different levels of perception.

In this world every fact is simultaneously deception.

Obstacles must be faced by us all, with no exceptions.

We must face the reality of living in duality.

Pray for understanding to tolerate humanity.

Shine a bright light in the middle of normality.

People pushing people down, sinning for a salary.

Please pray for courage, pray for pure self-control.

Pray the devilish forces never get a hold.

Pray for prosperity of body, spirit, soul.

Pray the world can keep the love alive instead of growing cold.

Too many people pray for supernatural abilities.

We seldom are concerned with true spiritual stability.

Approach the Great Spirit with a heart full of humility.

And see the world change before your eyes, tranquility, and peace arise.

To provide the mental and emotional endurance to survive.

And not only to survive, but to prosper, to thrive.

Too many people live a lie, never really live alive.

Insecurities to hide, cut inside of them like sharp knives.

If you seek you shall find, so seek what you really need.

Be a philosopher, a lover of wisdom and not of greed.

The law of cause and effect is in effect indeed.

But don’t let that be the only reason why you do a good deed.

Seek what you sincerely seek, as secondary desires then begin to fall away.

Greed, hate, pride, lust, you must throw them all away!

Pray for peace, pray for wisdom, God is just a call away,

Close your eyes, visualize, on an inner holiday

To galaxies so close to heart, you have known it from the start.

Life is deep as any ocean. And the universe is art.

There’s no need for the commotion. All is motion like the beating heart.

Constant motion, feeling, emotion, virtue, passion, love, thought.

Everything is everything, it’s all interconnected.

Bow before the beauty of divine destiny, respect it.

Learn to see the good in all, really be selective.

Pain can never perish until peace is elected.

Life will tear itself apart a million times again.

Take comfort in the knowledge we will never really die, my friend.

Life will destroy and rebuild itself but it’ll never end.

Pray with gratitude for such a teaching. Om, Amen.

Stand victorious above the bodies of your past desires,

Devilish desires would have lead you towards the fire.

The fire that consumes within, the flames of hell, a dirty conscience.

A life wasted on nonsense, the lectures of a liar.

Yet you rise above the challenges; the malice is disowned.

Victorious and vulnerable you stand at God’s throne.

Desires now subdued to the point that one would think them dead,

Clear your head, death is dead. Life is good. You are home.

Home, where you need to be; home, where you belong.

Lend a helping hand, take a stand, learn to get along.

Exercise your inner strength to do no wrong.

Let the beauty of life move your spirit like a soothing song.


“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)



Every day is a good day. Every life is a good life. Every moment is goodness itself! Every day, life’s blessings are present from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the moment we open them again the next day. There is simply no moment of our lives when we are not being blessed. As long as we are here then we are here for a purpose, and that is a major blessing and responsibility in itself. The freedom to think, to grow, to be aware, to love, to be loved, to create, to relate, to just be. We must learn to appreciate these wonders of life constantly, to remind ourselves of our blessings. Feel the blessings of life all around you, but most importantly recognize those blessings which are within you. What natural talents do you have? Are you a skilled athlete, a writer with a natural knack for words, a musician whose soul can vibe to any rhythm? These are only a few blessings we might receive, and they are tools meant to aid us in our specific life purpose, but we don’t need to be naturally talented at certain activities either in order to be blessed from birth. Do you feel kindness in your heart? Do you feel a desire to help others, do you feel joy when your friends achieve their goals, do you feel respect for humanity, for the innocence of childhood, for the intense sense of peace provided by pure positivity? Do you strive every day to become better, wiser, to make the world a better place? If we don’t, then we need to connect deeper with our spirit, because these blessings are definitely there, within us all. We just need to bring them to light. These are all blessings that, although invisible to our eyes, are completely real. In fact, they are much realer than any physical blessing we can possibly experience, be it an object, a pleasurable event, or the privilege of possessing a special skill. These inner blessings, such as love and compassion, respect and humility, are the ones that make up the core of our being, not as individuals, but as a whole collective consciousness. They show us that we are all intrinsically good in nature, and the same, naturally, goes for nature and life as a whole. Not only are we blessed with such a life, but we also have the power within ourselves to bless everyone and everything around us with our inner light.

There simply is no greater blessing than being a blessing to others. It is our main purpose as beings who share a common home, especially as human beings who share many other common factors as well. Spirituality is a conscious process which we engage in throughout our lives, a process of bringing the divine spirit within us to manifest outwardly into the world. We do this with the spirit itself, by tuning into its strength, allowing that strength to manifest itself in us, and using it to take hold of the mind in order to empty it of the trash we have filled it with. This allows us to tune into the strength of the spirit more easily and freely in the future. The spirit must train the mind to see the magic in the unfoldment of life, to appreciate even the greatest obstacles in its way, knowing they provide the greatest lessons if appreciated. Once this attitude towards life becomes the norm, then the mind can develop a pure personality, perfect for inspiring and uplifting others, blessing the world and ourselves in the process. Unfortunately, often times our mental attitudes are totally opposite to this. We complain about life’s challenges and we take pleasure and joy for granted until the fun stops abruptly and we find ourselves reminiscing, cursing at God, asking where the good days went. We refuse to acknowledge all the wonderful blessings we receive daily, choosing instead to focus and linger on one small event, or on various events or circumstances, which we have judged and termed as “bad”. Complaining, feeling sorry for oneself, the avoidance of all responsibility or effort then becomes a habit, it becomes our constant state of mind. We become worriers, complainers, completely miserable. If we wish to be happy, if we want the world to be happier, it is essential to train our minds to react in a much better way to the events of life. Whoever has mastered his or her mind allows life to flow, to teach what it needs to teach, using his or her own mistakes as the lesson material, as clear examples of behavior not to follow in the future. The wise student is grateful for the lesson learned, and never complains about the method used in teaching it, for truth is a tough but trusted friend to such a person. 

When we are no longer afraid of truth, but instead we proactively seek truth, we can begin to feel and experience what it means to connect with the divine spirit within, the reflection of God in man. We can see Godliness, and goodness by extension, in everything we contemplate. Even if an event is not good in itself, perhaps its consequences will lead many people to deep reflection, which will place them on the path of righteousness. Everything is interconnected, and all of our mistakes are meant to mold us, they are part of the web of life, a part of the cosmic order, and are used for our own good as a species. We only need to see this, to realize the truth of this reality, and to allow our inner intuition to guide us. Even a person who is so immersed in the life of sense gratification can take a second to acknowledge the purely physical pleasure they feel from their sense perceptions during the moment of indulgence in a vicious vice. Even they can appreciate feeling good, doing something they enjoy, even though what they judge as good usually brings about much they will judge as bad, but it is only natural. Then, the bad that will come might lead a person to reflect and change, bringing them back to the good. Everything has a consequence, every cause an effect, everything has its time, everything changes perpetually. Although the example used is that of an addict of whatever it may be, if we investigate deeper into life and its meaning, and we use our intelligence, we will realize that God’s blessings for us inhabitants of this world are much bigger than petty pleasures or euphoric experiences of sense gratification. Take a moment to disconnect from your social life, from your busy routine. Breathe. Breathe consciously, feel the air fill up your lungs and acknowledge this invisible substance that provides you with life on this physical plane of existence. Let every breath flow, just meditate upon it, let it immerse you in being. Isn’t it crazy to think that if the air would suddenly disappear our bodies would die in a matter of seconds? We breathe unconsciously most of the time, without thinking about inhaling and exhaling each time, without being thankful for each individual breath, or each individual heartbeat. Such processes simply happen naturally, effortlessly, automatically, allowing us to keep on performing our daily tasks while we breathe calmly underneath it all. 

But do we really breathe, if breathing is not a process brought about by our mind? If we are not consciously thinking about breathing, then can we say any of us are really engaged in the action of breathing? Wouldn’t it be interesting to think that maybe it is actually the universe which is breathing us, or at least making us breathe? Isn’t some background process going on at all times, ensuring that all humans receive air without us having to think about breathing? Does the source of the breathing process also cause all of our hearts to beat, without our command, non-stop for the total duration of our lives on Earth? These automatic processes are actually brought about by the common spirit which inhabits us all, which clothes itself in earthly garments of all forms, human and otherwise, as well as manifesting itself gloriously in the stars, in the planets and in any other life forms in the universe, in order to carry out its own blessings onto all other parts of itself, or its creation. Could we not say that we are only parts of the process of life, of the world, of the universe, of history? We truly are at God’s mercy, which is felt in every blessing, whether we are ready to label it a blessing or not. Realizing this truth, we will automatically begin to feel what it’s like to live driven by the voice of intuition within, by the laws of morality, by what we all know to be right, although some pretend not to know. We find that living in such a way allows us to be of use to others in the most efficient way we can, and this fills us with true joy. We must not allow distractions to lead us astray. Distractions will twist our vision and ideas on life. They do not allow you to see the blessing lying dormant in every obstacle, in every life experience. Be decisive, don’t spend countless hours going back and forth between one choice or the other. Don’t worry about it. Make the choice your intuition tells you is right, and trust that blessings will be the outcome, as nothing else can come of anything. Learn to truly appreciate life!


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8




The body is a tool which we use to experience life on this physical plane. As many of us become immersed in the happenings of everyday life, the years take their toll, and we are left with amnesia, we cannot remember why we came here, to be in this body, in the first place. This is the cause of much human confusion. We believe we are our bodies, and it is hard for us to think of any scenario in which we are separated from our bodies, it just seems like an overwhelming concept to comprehend.

The fact is that we always leave our bodies in much the same way we remove our clothes at the end of the day. It is believed that we leave our bodies during sleep. This could also be going on during meditation, or during intense psychedelic experiences. We definitely leave our bodies as we are astral projecting. Apart from all this, we are actually not even exclusively in our bodies. We are at the same time taking part in the happenings of the spiritual realm. Just because we do not see what is going on, does not mean that there is nothing going on.

If we begin to pay closer attention to what is going on behind the scenes of our lives, we can start to realize that there is a vast space of awareness, a magnificent field of wonder yet to be explored by us. It is within us and without us, it is invisible to the naked eye and yet it is realer than any physical object. It is to this magical substance that we owe our breath, our consciousness, our whole awareness of life, our will-power, our self-control. This is a divine gift from God, one without which we could not exist in the first place. All that we are is energy, manifesting itself because God is unstoppable, and must create life.

 What we must do, what our main task should be, is that of connecting with our spirit on a deeper level, so as not to be affected so strongly by the circumstances of the physical body, and so that we may live our lives according to the divine spirit. This way, we will feel prepared to stand up for justice, to speak our minds, to revolutionize the world with our noble ideas, without fear of physical harm, of persecution or death. How can we fear such things if they are the natural consequences of doing what we know is right? Not even physical death can stop the progress we make in spirit. Don’t give up the fight!