1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 39: Mental Manipulation.

Minds are misled by mess media manipulation. Sex and violence sell successfully across the radio station. Across the TV sets and the tablets. Feelings of having not escape, like a bad trip, seem to plague us all. The tower we’ve been building is about to fall. Will the world end in fire, upon hearing God’s call? Or will it continue on, indefinitely marching on, always to a different song? Examine the signs of the times, history is always in the making. Petty pleasures and pains petrify us, they put us in the perfect position to become followers of petty philosophies that carry us far away from the paths we would choose to roam. We don’t know who we are, we don’t know what’s home, we never feel at home. Restless, reckless and regretting most of what we do, finding we have been living a lie, now we’ve gotta see the consequences through. Those who don’t wish us well, we must not be blind to. Yet we must not live in fear of them. We must remain grounded in the Now, in the right here. Preoccupation with the secret powers that run the nation, the corporations and the new world order organizations, the conspiracies and the facts, what good can they do for us, in our own lives? We must be aware that there are many who are committed to keeping us down. For a few to remain at the top, the many at the bottom must suffer quite often. When money is the motivation, when consumer culture is deified by society, products are now seen as necessities, since we feel all kinds of doubts and insecurities. We use the system as a crutch, and we shy away from anything that threatens our financial security. We live for status, for a title or a name to represent, to have a name that means something to people. We’ve all been manipulated into thinking this all matters much more than it really does. The best things in life truly are free, and the best of the best can be found within ourselves, and in others, when we know how to inspire the best in them, or when they can inspire themselves. Inspiration lives at the heart of all human beings, but it’s necessary for us to have an understanding of it. The struggle of life is real, and pretending that it isn’t, and making a commitment of living the life of someone who’s given up on life, simply isn’t going to make reality go away. We must all find our inspiration to live life. Although we live in a messed up world where people want to keep us shackled, we can never act as if we are victims of the system. Although much suffering is endured by us all due to the way things are, we have no one really to blame but ourselves, as humanity, as a collective force on this planet. At the heart of the issue however, there is no one to really blame, no reason to seek blame and to cause feeling of guilt. Each one of us must take full responsibility for his or her life, and must come to terms with the cold, hard fact that everything, absolutely everything, I do will be the cause of one or more effects, everything will have a consequence, will change me as well as the world around me and beyond in one way or another. We need to break free of the programming that has been injected into our minds, of the garbage which is stored up in our psyche, of the putrefaction that’s building up as all the new garbage mounts up on top of the older garbage. The rotting garbage mixes, and toxic thoughts invade an otherwise peaceful state of mind. Seemingly out of nowhere, evil thoughts or restless and bothersome feelings arise, with great persistence, afflicting the conscience, with no clear or apparent reason. The effects of our thoughts, consciously and subconsciously connecting within our brains, we cannot see. But these events are taking place, the computer which you carry in your head is always processing all kinds of data, sensory data, spiritual data, always creating new connections and shaping new pathways for energy to move through. I’m not an expert on the matter, but it blows my mind. The sophisticated way it all runs, the mind is a complex but marvelous machine, not created by human hands. We must understand it and keep it free of as much garbage as possible, we must not abuse it, we must use it as the tool that it is, to facilitate us in reaching the ultimate goal in life, not our ultimate goal necessarily, but The ultimate goal of total union with the divine. As we even begin to the develop the basic requirements of reason which are needed in order to even embark on such a journey, we come to a greater sense of control of our own mental faculties, we feel the deep significance of life, and we know that we are blessed to be as we are now, that at this very moment, we have a golden opportunity, perhaps the only one we’ll ever get, to live and to live better than we did yesterday, to be freer, to choose freedom instead of chains, to think and to analyze, to find the inner strength within us to be honest with ourselves, to be true with ourselves about what needs to be done, and then to be strong enough to carry it out, merging with the Divine will, understanding that there is always a much greater reward than simple pleasure in this earthly plane. Once we transcend the petty chase of pleasure, the run away as far away from possible from pain and sacrifice, then we will be ready to feel this true connection. Let us guard our minds against the attacks of those who want to turn them into consumer machines, and let us remain alert in order to seek new ways to expand our consciousness by filling our minds with the right ideas. 

To be continued tomorrow, on Day 39.

~ Rebel Spirit


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