DAY 36 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)


Some days I feel like I can’t find the right inspiration to write from, like I can’t find any solid ground to stand on to make any sort of concrete point. All I really have are my own often contradictory ideas and opinions, which are colored by my own life experiences, my own confusions and my own beliefs, which I wouldn’t want to think are beliefs but I have to be honest about and admit they are. I think beliefs can be really limiting, because once we believe something religiously it becomes easy to shut ourselves off from any other ideas that might contradict our own. On the other hand, it seems like it would be really difficult to live life without any beliefs at all. Obviously there are things we can all tell are or are not a certain way, and it would be absurd not to believe the facts of life just for the sake of being open to new ideas. We all go through life believing certain things, and disbelieving other things, whether we know it or not. Belief gives structure to our lives. I used to think that I wanted to learn about everything, I imagined myself finding mystical truths of the universe while deep into mystical experiences, either induced by heavy meditation or by psychedelics. I even visited a Float Tank downtown a few times, always searching for some trippy meaning to life, as I mentioned yesterday. These days though, it doesn’t seem as fun as I’d expected. The more I spend time thinking about life and the world in its current condition, the more I realize how backwards everything is, how divided everyone is, and how it’s all going according to the plan of higher powers who wish to control us. The worst part of it all is that I often can’t say anything, and this is why I rarely write about this sort of thing, even though I always think I should more often, because I know that I’m part of the problem. I’m contributing to the destruction of our planet just as much as everyone else, because even though I see the problem, and I’m sure many others do as well, I don’t really do much to go against it. Why? I don’t want to make excuses but it really doesn’t seem like there’s much one can do. We’re all dependent on the same things, I need my internet, my music equipment to record and release music, my computer to write on my blog, social media to share my ideas, the customers who call me at work need technical support with their cable issues, some older people crying and obsessing over their TV’s because they have no other company and nothing else to do. Materialism is the religion of the modern world, and we can’t dare say anything about it because we wouldn’t be able to turn back even if we wanted to. It’s sad how disconnected everything and everyone is, and I really think it’s all deliberate. Things get more expensive but people don’t make more money, people can’t keep up, families don’t work because there’s no time to be together, kids go out on their own and end up on drugs due to lack of guidance or simply because they’re following trends and idolizing artists who glorify living like junkies and justify it just because they’re rich. Why is it that kind of music that ends up popular? Probably for the same reason we see alcohol and cigarettes in movies, everything is a business and everything is advertising. The media is also owned and it’s crazy to think that whatever narrative the people with money and power want to promote can be promoted with no problem. People vote but in reality everything is probably manipulated in order to keep people divided and fighting rather than waking up to realize it’s all just a show they’re putting on. So why am I saying all this? Simply because it just came to my mind, just like it often does. I kind of wish I could still feel like I did back in the day, when I didn’t really care about anything other than partying and being reckless and getting high and trying to hook up with girls. At least back then I could have fun, and I don’t recall feeling much anxiety. In a way, although I hate it, I’m kind of thankful for my anxiety now, because it really keeps me from doing a bunch of dumb shit that I know I shouldn’t be doing. I know I wouldn’t really enjoy living how I did back then if I was living it right now, but I guess I just wish things didn’t seem so hopeless. I used to think of the world as a magical place to explore, like some sort of adventure from a movie or a Zelda game, an open world with challenges to beat. It’s hard to hear like that when all you hear about is problems all around the world, knowing I’m already in one of the best places to live makes me even wonder what the point of travelling would even be now, even back to my home country of Honduras which is super dangerous. I feel like I don’t want any problems or even possibility for problems now, I just want guaranteed peace, peace of mind. Well, as I said at the beginning of this post, I have nothing to offer other than my ideas, even when they’re not too positive or optimistic at times. This is just a day in my life, a stage I pass through as I continue living and learning, and if life really is positive deep down, and good, then I’m sure I’ll eventually experience that, because I know it deep within, I know that life and the world are good, even if we haven’t created the best civilization on it, it is our fault, not the world’s, so I’m sure there’s still hope for recovery, so I’ll see where life takes me.

much love

~ rebel eye


DAY 32 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)

We are who we are. Just like the world and its inhabitants are all so different, just as there are so many different viewpoints, ideas and beliefs, cultures and traditions, which make up the world we live in, there are also many elements which make us who we are. Each person is a world within his or her self, with many different sides, some of which they may never show the world. We are a product of our environment, yes, of the way we were raised, of all the people we have known and interacted with throughout our lives. Every second changes us, every idea is taken into our consciousness but it is also imprinted into our subconscious mind in some form or another. We are also who we are because of our genes, and maybe we all behave in certain ways because of our shared collective past as part of mankind. Maybe we might even carry something over from some past incarnations, if reincarnation is indeed real. We are all aware of the complexities of the human mind, we recognize this within ourselves, yet it seems like we often forget this when it comes to other people. We see only what we are shown, or only what we want to see, but we forget that usually there is much more than meets the eye. We are born, we live to the best of our abilities, and for what? Some of us are afraid of trying to find out, while others spend their entire lives trying to find that ultimate meaning. We often take pride in being part of a specific group, but we don’t realize that one group is not big enough to fully describe what all of its members really are, only a small part of that. We become entangled in ideologies and make ourselves believe things beyond any doubt, when we really should be humble and understand that we can’t even fully know ourselves. Even with an entire long lifetime, there will probably be things about ourselves which we’ll only understand when we reach a certain age, as well as things which we’ll never fully understand. Life is too complex to make sense of, to apply one ideology to it and to base all of our decisions only on that. We are also extremely complex, and we are impossible to fit into one box, one label. We might feel some way about something now, but as we learn or as we experience more of life, we might come to a different understanding, and this is why we should always be humble and open to learn. Belief might provide us with comfort, but it is often the end of learning, since we choose to close ourselves off from anything that might go against our beliefs. I get it, as I said, life is hard to make sense of, maybe even impossible, and it’s a relief to feel like we’ve found an answer, something to help us get by with a feeling of being in control. I’ve never been able to believe in anything to the point of having absolutely no doubt, because I know that life is unexpected and mysterious, and I know that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. Who am I to pretend like I have it all figured out, when I’m just one person living one life, among billions of other people who inhabit the world at any given moment? What about all of their life experiences, their thoughts and feelings? I’m sure that many of the conclusions others have come to from their own experiences are probably completely opposite of what I think I’ve realized in my twenty-something years on this earth, and that’s okay, that’s the way it should be. The beauty of life is trying to understand others, to connect with them, to share what we can and to receive what we can so that we may come to some sort of mutual understanding. In the same way, all of the elements within ourselves can lead us to many different conclusions about life, but if none of them are constant, then are we really the same person at all times? I am no longer who I was ten years ago, or even yesterday, and I’ll probably be much different many years from now. Life is a constant learning journey, and learning from others can help us understand ourselves. We can see the similarities in our differences. The Greeks had the concept of the world as a Mother, Mother Gaia, and although these days we use the earth for our own monetary gain, because of greed, it could possible that the earth is a sentient being, maybe every planet and galaxy is alive. Just like little microscopic bacteria live on us and all around us, and they probably see us as a huge landscape to walk on, to live on, perhaps we can’t see this planet earth for what it truly is because we are so small. Even though we are physically small, we are connected to the entire universe, and our spirit is immortal, the same thing that keeps me alive is what keeps you alive. We breathe the same air, the same air that humans breathed thousands of years ago, we are all connected by invisible bonds. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by such complexity, and I’m not exactly sure what to make of it, what to do with it all. Then I remember that this is the beauty of life, observing, learning, understanding, not understanding, putting pieces together, taking them back apart, making mistakes and growing from them, failing and feeling the motivation to succeed. In this age of materialism, I really think it would do the world much good if we would all look within, if we could all stop trying to associate with groups and ideologies, and instead look within ourselves and ask ourselves who and what we are. I think if we looked deeply and honestly, we would find a lot of good within ourselves, and this would inspire us greatly to connect with others, to do something great in the world, not in terms of amassing wealth, but in terms of creating genuine connections with others, in terms of being there for those who need us, being overall more attentive to the world around us.

much love

~ rebel eye


Second day of writing 1000 words and publishing them. Yesterday I mainly touched upon on what inspires me to write, trying to simplify as much as possible even though I have various complex reasons for writing and for undertaking this challenge (of writing and publishing 1000 words a day, every day). Today I’d like to focus actually on where I’m writing from at the moment, and why. I am currently living in Central America, writing to you all from the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, the same one which thousands of people including women with babies to their breasts recently just began marching from, less than a week ago, forming part of a huge caravan which moves along in hopes of soon arriving at the United States, ready to live the American dream upon entering the country as illegal immigrants. To be honest I think it’s really irresponsible to attempt such a challenging and dangerous journey with small children, but the more time I’ve spent here the more I realize I’m not in the same situation as these people, so I can’t accurately judge their actions. I just think it’s irresponsible due to the fact that Trump has vowed not to even let any of them in, of course. Why would people want to go somewhere where they are not welcome? Where they would be deported as soon as found? People must have some real good reasons to leave. I was personally born here in Honduras, back in 1994, in its capital city of Tegucigalpa, and lived ten years here before my parents decided to move to Canada. I’m forever grateful to my folks and thankful to God for providing my brothers and I with the opportunity of growing up and going to school in a first world country, in a safe and developed nation, one of the safest in the world in fact, and I surely wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for their decision to leave their old lives behind so that my brothers and I could live better ones in a new country. We were never rich, but we were never poor either. My father has been a scholar all his life and has a Master’s Degree in economy, yet even he chose to leave a good career behind to go and work random odd jobs in the Canadian cold, just so that his three children could have greater opportunities than we would have ever had here in Honduras. I owe so much to my parents who took me from here to Vancouver at the age of ten, and apart from that, it is obvious that so many people who live here are so sick and tired of doing so that they are taking desperate action in order to escape. So what the hell am I even doing back here for such a prolonged period anyway? That’s definitely a question I’m often asked nowadays, both by people who have lived in the States before and have been deported back here only to forever miss the lifestyle they used to live, as well as by those who have never even lived outside of Honduras but would jump at the opportunity of leaving for good. A few travelers have even died on their journey up North during the first couple caravans which took place, and the fact is that people here just don’t feel safe, they don’t feel they can trust their government or the police, and they live in constant fear of the ruthless gangs and corrupt politicians who control every aspect of society and business here. So many people feel the journey is definitely worth the risk, even with all the dangers involved. A lot of the people I’ve met here so far in my time being back simply cannot understand why I would want to be here, being able to travel back to Canada at any moment as a citizen. As a kid I  flew back here to visit once or twice, along with my family, for a few weeks or a month. Honduras being as dangerous as it is, my siblings and I spent most of our time with family, with my cousins, uncles and aunts and grandparents. We always returned to Canada, and as I grew into my teenage years growing up in Vancouver, I got mixed up with some bad crowds, and the stressful situation at home and with my family relationships simply were too much for me to deal with any longer. When my parents moved to Canada they never imagined that the greater liberty which the youth has there, living in a safe country, creates an atmosphere where kids as young as 12 or 13 are often free to be partying and consuming drugs, whereas in Honduras most kids at that age spend most of their time with parents. I was living a lifestyle of partying, constant drinking and consuming other substances to excess, staying out all night and ignoring my parents’ phone calls for quite a few years, since around the age of 13. I got in trouble with police, with school staff, got kicked out of school, and eventually ended up finishing my high school education online. The worst thing, the thing that really killed me though, was the constant guilt I felt for putting my parents through such stress. They thought they were losing a child to the negative forces of the world. But I didn’t want to change my lifestyle. In those days I had ideas much different from those I have today, and rather than changing for the better and attempting to mend the broken relationships I had with my parents, I thought it best to just leave. I thought they would be better off without me, and I would have more peace farther away from them. Ignorance is bliss was really my philosophy. I’ve always had crazy fantasies of travel, a wanderlust that impacts my whole being and prevents me from standing still. I still wish to travel the world as much as I possibly can even today. So, faced with a depressing and seemingly inescapable situation back home as I could never did save up enough money to get my own place, I decided to travel back to my original home, back to my roots and my culture, unaccompanied this time. I flew to Honduras in 2013 and unpacked all my stuff in one of my grandparents’ spare rooms, knowing they knew nothing of my craziness and would not bother me or prevent me from doing what I wanted. Well, I have enough words to post for today, so I’ll have to keep the story going from 2013 up to now in tomorrow’s 1000-word post.

~ Rebel Spirit ~


First day of writing down 1000 words and publishing them. What’s the point of this long term goal I’ve set for myself? The main goal is simply to use my talent to the best of my abilities, to practice, to share what I can with the world, and to learn more about myself, and the universe in general, in the process. I have been writing, in fact, for about eleven years now, but in the form of rap lyrics. You can check out my songs and albums in the “Music” section of my site. I’m a musician and I try to be as conscious as possible with the lyrics I write (although that wasn’t always the case), since I now understand the great impact all our words have on the world and on the collective consciousness. For as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to really write though, to get my ideas across in a clearer, more concise fashion, even if just to a few people. Sometimes, being so focused on fame and wealth, we become discouraged by having only minor success, or only a few followers or readers. Unfortunately I’ve been guilty of this myself. In such cases, we fail to see how much of an impact we might be having on these few people who interact with us or with our art, who in turn will impact the lives of many others down the line. We forget to acknowledge the fact that each powerful impact you make on a single person is a miracle, it is a great blessing and a privilege to be able to make a contribution to the total power of goodness in the universe. I believe we all have this potential goodness within us, it being the essence of who we truly are at the deepest level of what being even means, “the image of God” within us. It is a simple message I want to bring forth through my work, whether working on music or literature. I claim to follow no religion, but in reality you could say I follow every religion. I read and learn as much as I can from the ancient and newer texts of all the great religions and mystical orders, and I’ve realized up to this point that they all point towards the same main ideals, ones we can all feel within us through our power of intuition. All the mystics of all the religions throughout the ages have emphasized the power of peace and of respect for all people, and of acknowledgement of all worldly citizens as our brothers and sisters, as equal to us. I practice meditation daily and follow a lot of what Buddhism and Hinduism teach, since I believe much wisdom can come from quiet contemplation and serene concentration of consciousness, as well as focusing on spiritual matters instead of sense enjoyment all the time. Apart from that though, I was raised in a mainly Christian home, although my father later preferred Judaism and started attending a synagogue. Although a lot of the Biblical concepts, especially those of the Old Testament, have become strange to me in my recent years of studying Eastern spirituality, I still read a chapter of the Bible on most days, together with my wife, as I do believe there is much to be learned from it if one seeks to humbly understand instead of judge or condemn. We just finished reading First Kings last night in Spanish. I’m familiar with the teachings of Jesus and with most of the rest of the Bible as well, having been taught about it extensively growing up, and none of it conflicts, but rather goes hand in hand, with the teachings of mystical ideas such as those of the Vedanta or the Tao. My message is not merely religious however, it is a simple yet essential message which we all need to hear, whether from within ourselves or from others who have heard it from within themselves, in order to live life correctly, and to stop causing more problems and confusion on top of that which exists all around us already in this crazy world. We need to stop separating the spiritual from the physical, and we need to see the oneness beyond all apparent duality. We need to stop second-guessing ourselves so much, wanting to be the greatest, wanting to be known, afraid of being rejected, afraid of everyone else as if they were different from us. We need to simply be, and to understand that being is One in all of us, and that we are all sharing a common experience since we are all being together, one Being, basically one Spirit keeping us all alive. The more I’ve been realizing this, the more I’ve felt there is no sense in holding back my writing any longer. Those who are meant to read this will read it, and those who aren’t won’t. Some will understand and others won’t just yet, but maybe later. We all find inspiration in so many different things, and this is what keeps life going. This is the start of me doing what I love to do with the purpose of affecting the world in a positive way, regardless of what anyone might think, regardless of money or what the journey of life might bring. If you’re someone trying to promote positivity and you think you have something to offer which can impact the world in a good way, don’t let doubt or insecurity hold you back. Let your light shine with no shame or fear, and doors will open up. For too long I lived with no purpose, I wrote music with no deeper meaning, I hung around with old friends cracking jokes and beer bottles, partying, getting into fights and problems, just completely acting a fool. Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” is the book that made me finally understand that life without meaning is empty and that one must find meaning in life in order to truly be alive. I now have enough words to publish the first day of this experiment. Let’s see where this goes from here.

~ Rebel Spirit ~



I feel humbled whenever I take a moment to acknowledge that this world is only a small part of the universe. The planet we inhabit forms part of a solar system, which is part of a galaxy – one of many billions that exist according to science. The most recent findings of Stephen Hawking before his death even suggest the possibility of our universe being only one among many. Now, personally I don’t know how this could be possible at all, since I’ve always thought of the universe as infinite, as all there is, as ever-expanding – space, the home of all the galaxies and planets that exist. Although a lot of people who haven’t studied too deep into the topic and into physics in general, such as myself to be honest, don’t fully understand what is being implied by Hawking’s theory, I mention it simply to bring to awareness how little we know about our world and universe, how complicated things actually are when it comes to science, to physics, to the planets, to the essence of existence. We all have our opinions and theories. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even suggested we might be living in some kind of computer simulation created by some other beings, while others might argue that this is basically the same thing as the belief in God and the Devil, angels and demons, supernatural beings, all watching over us as we live, unaware of their presence, maybe even able to directly influence human affairs. The point is that, no matter how sure we are about what we believe, none of us can ever be fully certain as to how we came to be here, on this particular planet, or why we’re here. The mystery of the universe is magical to ponder, and it can turn one into a hungry seeker of truth. If we learn to stop complaining, to see light in everything rather than darkness and death, we will naturally begin to feel humbler and more grateful for having been blessed to be born into this world which provides the perfect conditions for us, conditions that are essential for human life to thrive, or to even be possible.

Now, despite having cleared up how much there is for us yet to discover and having stressed the fact that we don’t know much of what we think we know, I definitely must defend the notion that there is a real reason why we are here, even if it is just my personal belief. Although our planet is such a small part of the universe, there is definitely a reason for us being born here, even if we don’t know what that reason is. This reason goes beyond money or status, financial progress. Many of us can feel this deep within. Even though we don’t know anything one hundred percent that statement is something I feel very confident about and I’m just being honest when I open up to you all and express it in such an assertive way. Apart from the earth’s fertile condition, most of us are born into the arms of loving, kind parents who raise us and help us to grow, who take pride in our accomplishments and nourish us with positive influence, whether it is mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Those of us who are born into broken homes often find that our troubles, if approached correctly, have a way of leading us to the truth. Whether we are born into a good family or not, we are all born into the family we need to be born into, for whatever reason it may be. We all come from a union between two people, procreation being a divine union which ideally involves trust and companionship and love, the union of both dualistic forces of the yin and yang which merge into oneness, into life – pure magic.  There normally tend to be some problems in relationships and marriages as the mind-created egos want to dominate, they feel offended, and they seek to offend. However, behind the scenes of all this mind drama, there is a spiritual union between these two people, an unseen communion, and if they allow this to shine this union will gradually defeat the drama, something I always embrace and cherish in my own marriage. If this union is constantly cherished and expressed – strengthened on a daily basis, with due diligence and discipline, its light is likely to be imparted onto their children, since children (and in fact all humans) learn mostly by example. This is just the way it is, and it blows my mind the way everything is so perfectly structured when it comes to reproduction and the creation of life. How do we know that this is union between man and woman is something spiritual? If you ask two partners to have a baby with certain traits or characteristics, they will not be able to create that specific baby. They only know the physical motions they need to make in order to ignite the behind-the-scenes process which creates the baby. We do not know the exact details of how our bodies grow inside of the human body, how sperm and egg unite to form human thought. On top of this, we have absolutely no clue how exactly consciousness and life come into this body, neither do we know at what point this happens. The fact is there is too much we don’t know, so for something so perfect as life to arise, there has to be something that does know how to create life.

Two connect to make one. One will once again connect with one, then the two will merge and create one once again. It is an obvious message that connection is essential for life. Coincidental messages like this make me sure of the synchronicity of the universe, the incessant flow of life. It’s a sad reality that the sacred nature of sex has been crudely corrupted in the name of consumerism. Unfortunately, as with the subject of sex, too often we limit ourselves to the ideas which are seen as normal by society when it comes to certain topics, or even when it comes to ourselves and our place in the world and the universe. We forget that life is set up for our own good, we forget the miracle that life is, and we become weak and weary, tired of life’s trials and tribulations, seeing nothing good in the bad, and nothing bad in the good. But if you look at the yin yang sign you will notice there is good in all bad and bad in all good, as everything is one in truth. When we begin to forget about the magic of life, about the miracle it really is, we start acting based on our fears and we adopt certain labels or identities for ourselves in order to fit in and to feel safe, to feel that we belong in society, that we are part of the crowd. This allows us to avoid our dreaded fear of rejection and ridicule. When we fear the opinions of others, when we fear failure and rejection, we fear disappointment. When we fear the mere possibility of being ridiculed, of feeling disappointed, we never bother to take the first step towards any new project we might have in mind, since we are terrified that we might make a mistake and ultimately drown in our misery. We become our own harshest critics, killing our ideas at the mental level before they even have a chance to be fully developed. We avoid commitments and challenges because we would rather have it the easy way. We unconsciously reject opportunities because we are afraid to look for them, or to accept them when they come our way. We have become trapped in a fake idea of ourselves, an idea made up of likes and dislikes, of preferences, of judgments, of beliefs, an idea that “I am part of this class of society, of this movement, of this religion, of this race, of this gender, of this nationality, so I must conduct myself and see the world in this specific way.” The result of this is that we begin to identify this earthly body and personality as ourselves, we make our hardships into our identities, we minimize our vision of life and the universe. We begin to imitate others, to live petty, worthless lives that have little soul.


We must remember once again that the universe is marvelous and mysterious, and that our spirit IS the universe. We must remember that we have within us much greater blessings than we can ever gain by reaching material or social success in the world. We have let our ego take control, and it is not allowing us to appreciate the flow of the universe, it is not allowing us to let go of resistance and to simply be. We have to stop, to take a moment to realize that the world is in constant motion, and the forces of nature drive the world towards its proper state at every moment, the courageous force of change is always creating the situations we need. We are not just a label, we do not need to conform to traditions and rituals which serve no purpose to us, which do not build us up, especially those which fill our heads with negative thoughts and ideas, with fear and hate. In this world, a lot of people want to play God and portray their ideas as absolute truth, and this has always been the case. Such a mentality has led to violence and war and unimaginable suffering an innumerable amount of times, something we can all agree on if we study some basic history. Why should we give merit to just anybody’s ideas of us, their ideas about how we should live, about who we should be? The rules they impose, the stereotypes, the labeling, the generalization, the treatment of people as property, just less obvious than a few hundred years back. We need to be bold about being humble, we need to confront injustice and arrogance and avarice and evil, and we need to be reformers, standing up for things we believe to be right and fighting the obvious evils that plague our planet. We need to realize that we are Spirit, we are the reflection of God on this particular planet, and we are alive for a reason that goes way beyond paying bills, watching TV, eating, drinking, sleeping, working.

Society’s expectations of you are collective ideas of how the world should work, but these ideas are thought up by people who are fully focused on financial gain and population control, they are not necessarily, or usually, set up for our own good. We need to live life according to our intuition, and through it our integrity, realizing that this world, these governments, the people who take pride in oppressing others, these people are small in the grand scheme of things, and we should not lower ourselves to their level, but rather we should try to help them to grow spiritually in love, remaining true to our divine nature.


2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

~ Matthew 5:2-11 (KJV)

16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

~ Matthew 20:16 (KJV)


When we nurture an attitude of fear, a belief of inadequacy, when we make ourselves believe that we are not enough, that we cannot do such and such thing because we are of such and such nature we are sure to fail, as we will never attempt to begin in the first place. Take a risk! Realize you are not a label, you are not who your parent or teacher or preacher wants you to be. You are not who society wants you to be. You are not even who YOU think you are or want to be. Within you is a magic that can move mountains, a faith in God and the universe, a faith that you can achieve what is truly believed, a profound faith which lies at your core, the eternal essence of your being. Learn to trust that the reason for your being here will manifest itself if you stop interfering with it, then stop interfering. Let the blessings come.

In my own life, for example, I have always wanted to travel. I have often wished I could travel the world freely with no money worries, with no complicated visa application processes. However, I soon realized that that idea isn’t very realistic, and I just had to find a way to make money while travelling abroad and making my art. For now, that’s still a work in progress, but what I’m getting at is that how much money we stack up during this lifetime is not what’s most important at all. Too many people put off travel or whatever other great goals or gifts they might have in order to save up money for something else, maybe some new car or new clothes, or to pay for college or a mortgage. So many people live 30 or 40 years of their lives, repeating the same daily routine, the same tedious tasks, day in and day out, in the same cold and crowded city, in the same country, with the same people. If this is not a life wasted then I don’t know a better example. Life consists of constant change, and the world is here for us to explore it, to constantly change the way we live. The whole concept of selling our time for money, what we call a job, a 9-to-5, is a little ridiculous to me. Let’s not mention selling 3 or 4 decades of our lives, years filled with dreams, with energy and health, for some faint recognition and a good pension plan when we retire. This is modern day slavery, and it prevents us from following our true dreams, it keeps us under, consuming products and services for those who designed this cycle (a cycle which can only continue if we maintain our feelings of inadequacy). I was afraid for quite some time, of travelling the world indefinitely, of living as an artist, as a nomad even. I have this thought sometimes, that once you have tried to remove yourself from the system, and have tried your hardest but failed, it will be impossible to reintegrate back into the system. I see now that this is a thought of weakness, a thought created by fear and insecurity, a thought brought into my conditioned mind by years of fear and manipulation. I have let go of this thought, and I’ve chosen to finally live free and to be completely myself, ready to face whatever consequences await me since they are only the consequences of the actions I took while being truly myself – true to my authentic self, to the spirit of life within. To remind me of my decision I got “Live Free” tattooed on my wrist, so I can look at it every day.


In my case, living free meant leaving behind a comfortable life in Canada, and the possibility of building a great career in one of the most developed nations on the Planet, in order to travel the world and immerse myself in other cultures, languages, ideas, religions, philosophies, activities, and customs. What could be better and more therapeutic for a person than to admire the vastness and beauty of the natural world, the masterpiece of all works of art, created by the Great Architect, God, the force behind all that is? What could be more fulfilling for a righteous man, than seeing goodness wherever in the world he may go, seeing children smiling, families enjoying time together, animals relaxing, everywhere in different ways, speaking softly to each other in different languages, yet all speaking the universal language of love. Everything is connected in perfect harmony if perceived correctly, everything is alive by the divine unity behind all the beautiful forms of life, the diversity of the planet and of the universe as a whole. Money comes and goes, an insignificant and feeble piece of paper which we can rip apart with our own two hands, fame and status are even more unreal, complete illusion which serve to trap the human mind in a vain sense of glory, a petty and pathetic sense of achievement, and a lot of arrogance to go along with it. We alone give money or fame their value. In other words, they are worthless if we can see them in that way. Nature, oceans, trees, valleys, mountains, however… the world, the world is divine, created by the hand of God. Music, art, expression, love, kindness, compassion, inspiration – all things which bring us closer to our life purpose. We can all stand in awe wherever we are and admire life’s beauty, in every country, in every continent, in every animal, in every plant, and in every single person. For this reason, I have the goal to travel and to live in various countries, to fully experience the world and its wide variety of cultures! The adventure had already begun, and from now on I plan to focus on continuing it. Until the day we can travel to other planets, there is enough magic and beauty on this planet for a lifetime. Open your mind, open your world. Don’t create labels and boxes for yourself. Don’t stress about petty things of this world, keep your spirit moving towards a higher state, discover the wonder which is dormant within.


“There is a vast world for us, a boundless space beyond and between the fences and the rules. We will travel it freely. We will be okay.”
~ Lauren Oliver, “Pandemonium”

“Perhaps these ancient observatories like Stonehenge perennially impress modern people because modern people have no idea how the Sun, Moon, or stars move. We are too busy watching evening television to care what’s going on in the sky.”
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson