DAY 20 (1000 WORDS, 3rd attempt)

Life. I feel like whenever I sit down and start to write, whenever I want to get something important written down, not anything specific but just something important and deep, the word “life” always pops into my mind first. I guess it’s because I’m always contemplating life in general, and it’s cool but scary how all aspects of life connect, they’re all intertwined to form one never-ending thing. Life is that one thing, and not only are all of my thoughts and actions interwoven to make up my life, they’re also interconnected with all of your thoughts and actions, as well as everyone else’s, to make up life in general. Ideas come from many sources, and if many people have the same idea or come to the same conclusion about the same thing, then a set of beliefs is usually agreed upon in order to make up a system of thought, whether it’s a philosophy of life, a religion, or a political party. These ideas, along with the feeling of being part of a community, drive these people to act in certain ways, which affect everyone around them, for better or for worse. Think about how the world has been drastically changed because of the ideas even of one person. There’s so much more to everything than meets the eye, simply because we can’t even begin to imagine the effects of all of our actions and thoughts. Every big project or movement has been born from a single idea in the mind of one person, but how likely is it that they knew this thought would lead to such a big thing? They were just having a thought, just like we do every second of the day. Too often we let negativity get the best of us, and we wallow in self-pity, not realizing that these thoughts are opening doors for more negativity to enter our life. We underestimate the power of thoughts because we don’t consider them real in the same way that we do objects. In reality, I always like to say that the realest of things are those which are invisible. Is love visible? Loyalty? Respect? Trust? Joy? These things are invisible, but they are real as can be. The same goes for the air we breathe, without which we couldn’t even live. So, these are some of the invisible things we are aware of atleast. Does that mean that they’re the only invisible things that impact our lives? How do we know that our energy isn’t transmitted to other people around us? How do we know that our thoughts don’t affect our bodies? These are all just random ideas, but it’s still within the scope of what I started writing about, since I simply started writing about life. All of this is life, everything we can think of is life. When something bad happens, we say “Oh well, that’s life.” We recognize that life is a mix of good and bad, and that these things balance each other out. So is life ultimately good or bad? Life is just life, and we make of it what we want. We all have the power to influence the world, and it all starts from within, by working on ourselves. We underestimate how much good can come from just getting our own minds in order, from learning how to let go of attachments to things that no longer serve us, to negative patterns of thinking and behaving. It all starts in the mind; as within, so without. Although I write this and recognize it as truth, I know it’s easier said than done. Life is complicated, and human beings are just as complex as life itself. We all have our own life experiences, our own thoughts, our own likes and dislikes, our own genetic makeup which influences our minds and bodies. We are all unique, and I think this mirrors life itself in a way. There’s so many different things in life, and this shows us how many possibilities are available to us. We should never give up on life, or on ourselves, because we have infinite potential, and the more we realize and believe that the more we can tap into it. I don’t claim to have all the answers to life. In fact, life for me is at times difficult to make sense of, and it seems cold and cruel. I’ve struggled to fight these thoughts for a while, but I know I have to fight them, because I know that the cruelty is not life’s fault. It is the world we have created, a world centered on material wealth, which is contributing to our hearts growing cold. This is not evidence that life itself is cold or evil though, neither does it show that humans are like that. It’s a shame that so many of us focus all of our energy on material wealth, on money and status, when we could make really important changes in the world if we only focused on things that really matter. We have created a society where it’s easy to fall behind if we are not constantly grinding, and even though we might start off just working to pay the bills, soon we find that we have no time for anything else, and since our life barely has any meaning outside of working and saving money, thinking about and spending money, well, we might as well make as much of it as we can, isn’t that right? Maybe we’ll have enough by the time we’re old and have barely any time left to really love. Maybe even then we won’t have enough. How much is enough? Think about that. Don’t fall into the trap, think for yourself, look within yourself for the best of what you are, and find a way to manifest that into reality. Can a single person change the world? Well, if nobody believes so, then nobody will try, so the world will not change. If I try to change myself then I can inspire others, and maybe there’s someone out there who’s on the same vibe, inspiring others to strive towards higher goals than money. Maybe the people I inspire could some day encounter the people you inspire, and maybe they’ll inspire countless more. Everything works in this way, and there are people who realize their infinite potential, yet they choose to use it for evil and for their own material gain. If we stop working for the good of the world by refusing to work on ourselves, we can be sure that evil will not stop working for its destruction.

much love

~ rebel eye

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